Tendencies in marketing and communication for 2019

Tendencies in marketing and communication for 2019Christmas vacation already belongs to the past, and well into the month of January there is no more option than to work, to plan and to organize what must be a year of challenges, projects and successes. But, for it, it is necessary to always stay to the vanguard, to update themselves to the last exigencies and to know first hand the tendencies that come to be able to be around the new needs. For that reason, in ComunicAlicante always we are abreast of the tendencies in marketing and communication that marks rules, especially in this home of year 2019.

The new habits of navigation, consumption and leisure of the users, at this point of the 21st century, require a digital ecosystem that offers what they ask. Simple and intuitive agility, usability, designs€¦ An extensive fan of values to which the tendencies in marketing and communication must give service, not only for the companies that wants to connect with potential clients, but to the end users who receive their messages.


The height of youtubers, although is not new, yes has a powerful message: people want video, and every day more. The audio-visual content offer in surroundings in which every time less time is dedicated to the reading, even that one carried out in digital format, reason why the video is elevated as the form of more powerful communication. The height of platforms as Instagram TV is not chance.

Influencers professional

That marketing with influencers works is not nothing new. But, in addition to companies wanting to promote its products and services, this scene has given foot to many profiles that, with buying followers and likes with bots, try to be made happen through influencers without being it. For this reason, the tendencies in marketing and communication present a panorama in which the professional campaigns are carried out by influencers, with solid and real communities behind, analyzing the data well and measuring the impacts. The quality already wins to the amount.

Experiencial communication

Influencers and the audio-visual world have a thing common in their relation with the user: they provide a experience to him. For this reason, the communication walks towards a point in which at the most it is possible to be experimented, whichever greater capacity of interaction have the users with what it appears to them, major impact and notoriety will obtain. The virtual reality, chatbots, the interactive videos, the increased reality€¦ Really, a fan of created experiences to transmit a history or a message.

It forgets the computer already

Perhaps bond, is not so drastic. To forget the computer is not necessary nor producente, but the basic message is clear: everything to the mobile. In 2019 they are very few things that can take control of a computer and not with a mobile phone. Already there are more users than they sail through his smartphones that from the writing-desk, reason why the efforts would have to concentrate in that scope. What implies that? Resources of image and video in vertical format, apps and webpages totally adapted to responsive are some of the answers to the new habits of consumption.

It automates and you will win

The future inbound is called. If you are able to create the necessary network of contents, contacts and elements of pick up, your brand will begin to turn as a roller and will take, as the snow balls, more and more weight and speed. At the outset it seems as scaling a mountain, but in the medium and long term the automatization reduces unnecessary efforts and, planned well and executed, help to grow to the companies.

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