Image of the semifinal, makes the rounds previous to the end of pitch of the Cigar cases.

Image of the semifinal, makes the rounds previous to the end of pitch of the Cigar cases.Friday 2 of June, from the seven in the afternoon, in ComunicAlicante we will have the honor to comprise of the jury of the final contest of pitch of the Cigar cases for entrepreneurs that will be celebrated in center cultural of Alicante. Jointly organized by the Local Agency of Development of the City council of Alicante and the center of coworking ULab, this event will reunite previously to nine contenders arrived from the different rounds from semifinals celebrated with a dynamic, simple and direct format: each of them will count on three minutes for, by means of a presentation-speech express, to convince to the jury and investing potentials of the viability of its idea of business.

Iv¡n J. Mu±oz, journalist, publicist, training Executive MBA and in digital marketing in Alicante, will share as representative of ComunicAlicante sworn with other experts and journalists of the mediatic panorama of Alicante, with which later he will try search a consensus to choose to a single winning person between all the presented. All the presentations will have as invisible nexus among them their origin of Alicante and the innovating and novel character of their proposals.

The end of pitch of the Cigar cases will base its development on the format inspired by the elevator pitch. Of human resources, the technique of the elevator pitch consists of imagining within an elevator with the person in charge to engage new employees in the company in whom we wished to work, and to try to convince it of the suitable thing to engage us in the time that lasts an elevator trip. That is to say, a concise, direct and convincing speech in time record. In this occasion there will be elevator (elevator) and no pitch (speech) will be able to be extended until the three minutes, but without losing that agile and spontaneous character.

Three minutes in which the candidates will be able to present their projects, to try to praise its strengths and opportunities while they make up to his weaknesses and threats. Or they are business ideas still of developing or companies or breaking through in the market, the objective is identical: to not only convince the jury of experts of which the idea is the best one, but also to possible investors or business angels that they can arrive to bet by an idea and to impel it economically to turn it in fact.

Between the candidates there will be ideas of very many-colored sectors: from the gastronomy, the environment or the tourism to the digital world, independent of the economic niche in which they move, all will compete in equality of conditions. In his hand it will be using of the best possible way those techniques and methods learned in the formative sessions of ULab, that in addition to spaces of coworking counts on a fruitful laboratory of ideas in charge of professor Diego Salinas.

The jury will evaluate the form in which each speech draws attention, its synthetic capacity to concentrate the message without going of the time, eloquence to be able to describe the project in detail and the point of attractive with which they are able to equip to his idea of business.

The format pitch combines a double challenge: on the one hand, to polish an innovating and attractive idea; on the other, to know how to communicate so that it is convincing. In the act they will be present different areas from the City council of Alicante as Culture or Use, that will follow of first hand this match of ideas between entrepreneurs, that in addition to competing to each other they will be able search the form to create synergies with which complementary ideas can be fed back.

Thus, the Black box theory will be the scene of a end of pitch of the Cigar cases that will be able turns in direct with free entrance (until completing gauging) and in which ComunicAlicante will have voice and vote.


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