To write press notes is the first step so that a company appears in means.  Something that, although seems difficult to believe, he is not something reserved exclusively to the societies with great budgets for publicity and nourished marketing departments. The design of efficient strategies and creative initiatives is as important as to know to present them to the press so that the journalists who work in newspapers, radio, television or channels of Internet €” today in day at the diffusion level of the previous ones, as they are blogs or profiles in Twitter, Facebook or Instagram of great pursuit consider them. , It is really so necessary to have something to communicate since to make it in form and suitable a long time to pass the filter that distinguishes between the ordinary and the noticiable.

In a while dominated by branded content and formulas of publicity that are intermingled with the information until getting to be confused, it is not possible to be avoided to fall in the temptation to take a short cut: to pay and point. But indeed of this some of the aspects consist that we will try in this article. In doing it without economic payment or, better still, obtaining that perfect and unbeatable mixture from the strategic point of view that it is to combine own means with phelp means and the average cattles. To increase publicity, that speaks or of us or our activity because we deserve it without there is return by means of. One of the best forms, as in the same life, to gain authority in the world of the businesses. Task for which always a communication agency will be available, but that with a little dedication can also take to end an entrepreneur by itself. To write press notes will be a fundamental weapon for it although, as also we see, not only it.

It knows mass media

Before any other thing at the time of raising to us to conduct a battle for the communication of companies, businesses or SMEs directed to means, as to write up press notes, is advisable to pause to think who is to the other side. To know how the informative company works on the inside so that our material pass almost always lasts sieve of a writing table of a newspaper, magazine, blog or specialized channel. Really, to catch the attention of the editor who will give form to the text or the platoon leader that will grant its authorization so that it is spread as the news, news article, interviews or spread history and towards its hearings.

Here we must make an interjection to speak of the present conjuncture. The performance of the journalistic profession is very far from the romantic and idealized image that shows to some series or films. A picture of past times or, in the best one of the cases, nowadays only within reach of a few privileged people after the sector has been devastated reason why can be described as perfect storm.

To write press notes: it knows the sector

The economic crisis of 2007 made fall in perforated the numbers of sale and subscription to publications and pay channels, at the same time as the advertising investment, as much for want of budget of the companies as by the irruption of new advertising supports. This last factor directly is related to the application of the new technologies of the information and Internet, that some authors describe as the Industrial Revolution as publicity and mass media.

The activity of all of them has formed more and more short writings of cash €” the numbers of unemployment in the journalistic sector in the last years speak in case same, where the tasks multiply at the same time for being able to take care of a multi-channel world and in which the information spreads to the moment almost. The oppression, the strait of times and the multitask are something habitual in the day to day, to which obligations not purely journalistic are added, as the logistic management, attention to the public and even the administration. If to this we add prevailing uncertainty, with constant reductions of pay that have even ended at total lack of remuneration €” the excess of supply on the part of the workers and the infiltration has had much to do here, we have a panorama very different from that romantic vision to which we made illusion previously.

The change opens the door to the opportunity

But as almost always, the change takes implicit an opportunity. On the one hand, we have a mediatic panorama leafier than ever. The media is no missing person, but it has changed. Instead of being condensate in a few dominant means, has been diversified in infinity of digital newspapers, social blogs or networks and specialized forums. At the same time, the lack of dedicables resources to a reflective and calmed journalism has caused the necessity search the differentiation by other routes. He is where a great exploitable breach for the ones in charge of the communication of companies, businesses is opened and SMEs, cultivating here a relation with means beneficial for both parts.
Considering all this, we are going to try to see how make €” or at least contribute to which a company, SME or business appear in mass media. How to increase the possibilities that the press picks up its activity, initiatives or new features to amplify them before the great public. And here not only we talked about to mass average, that also, but of all the channels that at the moment have taken terrain and even replaced some formats for certain types of hearing.

The €œinformative hanger€

To write press notes: it takes advantage of the moment
Disguise of politician jailed sent and communicated in carnivals in the heat of corruption wave.

Everything cannot be the news if the suitable approach occurs him, but almost. Here ability enters game to find union nexuses between which we want to count and what it is of the present time so that has more possibilities of being considered by mass media. What in the journalistic jargon €œinformative hanger€ is denominated, an exposition that is used on a daily basis by all the journalists of the world to decide the elaboration of contents and its hierarchy.

In order to understand the concept it will help us to go to pure the journalistic theory and the concept of €˜value notifies€™. Although there are multiple versions and variations on the matter, the interest of a fact will come determined by one or several from these characteristics:

  • The present time
  • Peculiarity
  • Proximity
  • Conflict
  • Consequences
  • Sex
  • Personal relevance
  • Emotion
  • Suspense
  • Progress

It is not necessary search to verify the application of these values much. For example, the dimension that occurs to the dead or catastrophes following the place in which they take place; daily experiences and anecdotes that to the being carried out by famous occupy out of proportion hours and spaces; or the direct pursuit in of investigations almost related to disappearances or crimes, to mention only a few.

To have them will be fundamental before carrying out a communicative action for companies, businesses and SMEs, whether is to write up notes of press as of any other. Also it will be it the hearing to which we went €” that in the case of the company will very directly be related to the present and potential clients, as well as to the scope or specialty of the publication: the premises, national, thematic, regularity, et cetera.

The approach when writing a press note

To write a note of press and its later shipment is the fastest, agile and comfortable way for sender and receiver to take to end the communication of a noticiable fact of the company. Nevertheless, this must be correctly structured, written up and to contain all the necessary elements so that the intermediary between the emitter and the hearing €” it is to say, journalist-can realise its work without ties.

Great part of the success that can have the message will determine it something as simple as the headed one of the mail. In mailboxes of mail filled with shipments, a specific, vague and little generic subject can give immediately with him in the mailbox of eliminated elements. For this reason, the holder is important from the home same of the subject in the mail. To be inconcreto is to go away directly to the wastebasket. For it is necessary to consider factors that play our favor so that they are read at least and opened, a tonic that will have to be followed in the writing of the text that gives form to the press note.

It will be important therefore to tie data that by themselves would be in the internal communication of our company with the territorial scope (local, provincial or national) and search nexuses with present time subjects. For example, the generation of use at the time of increasing the group or opening new stores, or the corporative social responsibility and solidarity. The territoriality also is a noticeable aspect, relating aspects of certain geographic area to the action that we want to transmit.

To write press notes: the approach
Impacts secured by means of the combination of values notify.

The proximity with the present time also will be important, taking advantage of events, celebrations or dates of the calendar that give foot to be considered at the time of being elaborated certain information. This concept has to do with the values notifies sights previously. Thus, the introduction of new classes in a gymnasium will be more interesting during the operation bikini; the new hairdo fashion facing New Year's Eve; or an ingenious disguise when the carnivals approach. To contextualise the message so that a determined debate or hot spot of the present time is considered in can also helpful be. For example, the opening of a small store by itself would happen unnoticed, but it explains within the commercial reactivation of a district the success possibilities multiply. Since it also does it if one reaches agreements with public partners or institutions with which common stocks take to end. This last one is used for almost any scope.

The differentiation also will be vital in the attainment of our objectives, reason why the simple order or presentation of a data can change our results totally. Thus, he is not the same to head our text saying that the price of the rents in Alicante falls a 1% to that is the province where they lower more of all Spain.

Once arrived here, the presentation of the press note and the contributed material it will be fundamental in our ultimate goal to spread the communication of companies, businesses and SMEs in means. Data of contact, possibility of interview, photographies to good resolution and archives of audio video or for a communication more and more multimedia will even allow that the journalist can make a good piece. If the data and declarations well are structured and outstanding, better. In it we will deepen a little more down.

To send press notes: hour and pursuit

She is another one of the questions that worry more in a communication agency when the strategy is designed to send press notes. It is better in the morning, at noon or in the evening? As in everything what we are trying in this article, there is mathematical formulas to respond, but something of knowledge or no common sense.

In a newspaper, for example, the first hour in the morning inoperative or usually is spent exclusively to the preparation of digital editions. The same happens afternoon with the noon or. The strip between the 10.00 and 14.00 hours more widely usually is chosen for the shipment, of the same form that as of certain hour in the afternoon, the 18.00 hours approximately, will be many possibilities that the distribution of subjects already is clear and little attention to the approaches is lent that can provide press notes. All this will depend logically on the relevance of the presented fact and, by all means, of the protagonists. Although we will agree in which if we have arrived up to here it is because we are not a great corporation or institution to which it is enough to him to move a finger to attract the attention of means.

Different they are the rates of the radios and the televisions, that come marked by the schedules from the news or the territorial disconnections. To examine them well also will be fundamental, as the types of programs where it would fit our content and its nature €” magazine, thematic, etc and the days in which it is prepared. Idem for the weekly newspaper sections, supplements or the days spent by our journalists objective to the accomplishment of weekend advances. There are so many schedules as average, reason why it is necessary to spend time to know them in the same way that to locate to the perfect person in charge of each area.

Pursuit: It agrees to call to the journalist to confirm the reception?

Something that poses many doubts is where it is the line between the courtesy and the invasion. It is not of advancing more than she is very thin. In that daily abundance in that the journalists move, a call only contributes to throw more service load. If the subject that we raised is interesting, you're welcome to worry: they will be those that are put in touch with us. If they do not do it, perhaps we must consider that we have not focused it correctly or simply does not have the suitable interest.

However, always it is possible to be played with the offer of an own approach and the relation that we have with the journalist. This deserves separate chapter, but it is possible to emphasize that there is nothing can compete in the power of attraction for any professional of the information that to have in its hands material with noticiable value that nobody owns more. In the same way that a near contact with the informer will smooth much the way. This is something that a cabinet of press and relations with means €” also press relations or dircom of great companies knows to do very well.

As of so many other orders of life, everything does not consist in asking but also in giving. Although on smaller scale than for a professional profile or agency of communication, this also is used for the communication as companies, businesses or SMEs. The relation can always be cultivated offering interesting information on our sector, data or perceptions that merely promotional or are not related to our brand. In the same way that there is to have something in account: the workers of mass media also eat. And we did not talk about here to that there is to invite to them to often drink or to have dinner, nor to do flatteries and gifts to them €” something and so the crisis also finished, leaving very back the times in which a journalist as soon as he had to fill his refrigerator due to the amount of invitations that received weekly, including trips of very many interest. What maintains to means is its account of advertising income, so will not be bad to remember this at the time of approaching the chapter of publicity and public relations of our budget as company.

To write notes of press€¦ or any news

He goes ahead that to summarize this in a few lines he deserves to be described as minimum as bold. Professionals of the media not only have spent to months and years in the faculties of Information sciences (or their equivalent nomenclature based on the university or the effective curriculum), but is one that assures an expanded running through professional exercise is necessary. However, from we will try here to provide some keys that to be able to firmly develop and dedication for the effective communication. As much in order to appear in average cattles as for the generation of own content in its own means (blog, to newsletter, corporative magazine, et cetera), fundamental in a fruitful strategy of marketing of contents for companies, businesses and SMEs.

Or we have shelp before to write press notes €“ or any news and that this is attractive for the hearings, first is necessary to know which are the values notifies. Those criteria according to which a journalist or means decides what is the news or if it is going to be published and how. Really, the possibility that has a fact to be noticiable and what resources (personal, time, means, et cetera) are going away to destine to it.

Since or we have seen, and with pardon of the purists, we have pointed the possibility that everything can be the news if to the suitable approach or the ideal dressing in the form of data occurs him. But how it is obtained? If we take care of the theory, when what we want to communicate contains one or several of these elements €” some already seen in our inscription on press notes: the present time, proximity, consequences, personal relevance, suspense, peculiarity, conflict, sex, emotion or progress would be some of them.

How to write press notes: the WNevertheless, the structure of the content is fundamental to catch the attention of the reader or the hearing. For it, we will resort to the answer of the calls 6W in journalism, that talk about to the translation in English of the following questions: Who, What, How, When, Where and Why. A very useful formula for the exhibition as much written as oral of any complex message. To test that they are answered will be helpful for verifying if our text fulfills its intention and leaves important issues without explaining.

In addition, it will be necessary to order it adequately, taking care of the inverted pyramid: most important at the outset, gradually to review the most dispensable aspects. This will facilitate the understanding and the adaptation of the text, audio or video to groups limited as pages, boxes of text or times of radio and television.

Short phrases, good grammar order of the same (subject, verb, predicate), distrust of the subordination, to flee from the redundancies, to avoid the excessive adornment, the egocentrism or the extreme self-satisfaction and a correct use of the verbal times are others of the aspects to consider.

And finally, most important: the journalist is afrhelp excessively of the advertising thing, as well as of the very confused thing and who implies more work. They are times in which, since we have seen, the writings are reduced to the minimum and the times of production are every time smaller.

Note: The content of this article is a summary of the formation €˜How to make noticiable the communication of your company€™ distributed by Iv¡n J. Mu±oz, consultant in communication for companies, businesses and SMEs in ComunicAlicante, agency of communication in Alicante, and training in journalism and digital marketing in schools of businesses and educative programs. It does not try to be a guide of advice, but to share the vision of a professional trajectory to both informative trench sides. In order to know or to attend some of the chats more, it contacts here. 



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