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It dates MarketingIn 2019, each action that is realised, each small click and, even, the apparently analogical actions, have a trazabilidad. An impact. A measurable consequence in data. For that reason, the sensations or opinions, everything what one is based on subjective and arbitrary perceptions, it is to a side. It is the time of the data marketing: to measure, to analyze and to value what it works and no, what it gives more return us and what it is not necessary to return to try.

The compilation and the advantage of the data are taking the communication online to a new dimension. Any campaign, by small that is, leaves a sign in Internet. Some data that, analyzed and worked well, are transformed into valuable conclusions into the hands of that has them, and they help to optimize the yield of each action that is undertaken.

To send, to analyze, to value and to repeat€¦ or no. Those data are what we needed to value results. To study will allow them to us to be more necessary in what, nowadays, it marks the difference: the segmentation. The Internet world practically is saturated of Webs, pages and contents that, although each with their own shade and characteristic differentials, in essence speak of the same. What we write or we produce, our quality levels, as soon as they will influence in the middle of our success. The form in that we spread and sementemos will be what it really impels to us.

The revolution of the data marketing in communication

The relation with the users, clients, readers or who are that target also defines ours has changed. The paradigm is another one at all the levels. The rules of the communication, online or no, have changed. The forms to focus, to produce, to spread and, really, to work, are molded and evolved.

Where formerly it was segmented by markets, being based on geographic criteria, nowadays it is segmented of individualized way, being based on infinity of preferences and criteria: from the personal tastes to devices, location in real time and scopes of action. The users, formerly mere receivers of messages, are now active and interactive part of everything what the brands and companies of his around take to end.

To have those data, to work following data methodologies marketing, serves in addition to reach a new dimension in the communication. If with the previous paradigm the users were mere receivers of messages, the communicative flow is clear: those were the companies that they had to call to the door of the users, to try to filter his messages by the groove of the door or indiscriminately to strain products in the mailboxes.

Now, everything is based on the attraction. To know the user implies to know what wants, what gets passionate to him and what it makes him move. And, in essence, to create it. One is not to be intrusive, but to be sufficiently attractive as obtaining his permission and approval. Something that, when it feels contributor and identified, will realise of better desire than if simply it has the perception of which somebody appears before him to sell something to him.

But, by all means, the data marketing does not consist of compiling tables of Excel and giving in the morning call. Everything is a process. Everything implies a work. For this reason, it is necessary to define three strategic lines, at least, that they will allow that all that information is really a resource and not an oppression to which it does not have by where to sink the tooth to him.

  • How we are going to compile information? There is too much, reason why we must choose what variable interests more to us: famous the KPIs. If we tried to collect all the information derived from our activity we will obtain a double damage: some data will always escape to us and we will have as much information that we will not give supply. It is necessary to differentiate if they interest the interactions of social networks, the visits to the blog or the mentions in mass media, to detail which agrees to us to explode and from where we obtain a greater return.
  • How we are going to analyze the information? It is not necessary to count on a data scientist in group, to learn on Big Data tools nor to be mathematical to remove divided for some data to him. If we have been diligent in the definition of what data interest more to us, compiled simple and a minimum of strategic vision will be enough to unite you shoot with an arrow: the results of the plan To, the variables in which fail plan B or what it could improve of plan C.
  • Decision, decision, decision. To collect data and search the patrons who interest us more later not to do anything in this way will turn little to us more than into information retrieval officers of useless information. If we have the information is so that it influences - and it improves our decisions.

These analyses, at the time of making a press note to appear in mass media, sending a campaign in social networks or to follow a strategy in the blog are a step to emphasize more between the competition. A global and more and more complex competition.

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