The ten orders of the crisis management in social networks

Our profiles in Internet are the digital facade of our company. A place in which to agglutinate our followers, to share interest information and to present kindness our product. But, from one day to the next, without apparently it has happened nothing of gravity, we were with a pump. The crisis management in social networks is vital to maintain the good image and reputation of our company before any contingency: a information appeared in means, massive complaints of users or possible misunderstandings can have in the social networks their principle and end. And the end, if we know how to handle it, does not have why not to be happy.

To use the official profiles of companies or institutions to send complaints is not a new practice. Companies of mail to which lost orders, trains late or cancellations of flights protest, among others many things, bring with himself authentic tides of angry users protesting what they consider just. And the binomial between social networks and mass media brings about an effect bidirectional snow ball: if it begins in means finishes in the networks; if it begins in the networks finishes in means. Whatever if the case really is sounded, the reputation to pueder to be in prohibition and the company to be the news by reasons very different from which we want or without following the passages of how writing a press note. For that reason it agrees to follow some steps.

The crisis management in social networks usually follows a process as this.

The communication agencies €“ the ones in charge to a large extent of the occasions to manage these problematic ones can get to crush themselves before the alluvium of notifications, messages or complaints of the public. The strategy to follow, with particular shades and activities for each concrete situation, can be transformed in ten steps.

Advice for the crisis management in social networks

  1. Forecast. He is complicated to anticipate an accident, yes, but it can be interesting to have identified weakness of the company, the fronts by which they can attack it, so that the blows do not come by surprise to the 100% and the defense messages are determined beforehand.
  2. Please, not you streets. Silence is the worse ally before a reputation crisis. The transparency becomes a supreme good of which to make finery in the crisis management in social networks, and to maintain the activity in the moments critics are interpreted as a reliability signal.
  3. There will be wounding commentaries. Perhaps memes. But you do not block to anybody: he is worse. That the users express themselves as they want, within some legal limits, are normal if there is some reason for weight that justifies the annoyances. To block to users from a corporative profile is a terrible idea.
  4. All we commit errors. It gives the necessary justification. It assumes the error, is human. But you do not try to use a lie as pretext to smooth out your action. He is preferable to give an imperfection image and to recognize the committed failures not to say the truth. It will be ended up knowing.
  5. Even in the most uncomfortable situations, all company has faithful followers and comprehensive people. It awards that fidelity, it gives likes, amiable answers and follows. That human facet after the profiles of the company is all a signal of proximity.
  6. To be responding usuary to user, tuit to tuit, can be an odyssey. It prepares an official notice. Although soon you do not send it. Only just in case. To reunite in a same text (, brief and clearly concise) the excuses, possible justifications and generic answers is a saving of time and energy.
  7. Mant©n always a positive attitude. Iran search the tickle. Feed of mentions of Twitter or the commentaries of Facebook will not be indeed love declarations. But, in those situations, to reduce you at the level of a user of on foot or being on the defense is counter-productive. High chin.
  8. To all unfortunate commentaries escape to us from time to time. But the social networks, and the users, have memory. To erase the messages can be worse: there will already be somebody has made screenshot and you they can be throwing in face until the day end. Headress to apechugar, to clarify and to explain. But not to eliminate.
  9. Although no longer it leaves fire the eyelash of notifications, taken care of. The monster can return to wake up at any time, and it does not agree to lower the guard. It monitors the most belligerent profiles, the reactions of the competition and the feedback of the good users.
  10. By hard that has been, it will end up happening. If something teaches the crisis management in social networks is that tomorrow it will be another company the one that receives complaints or it is mistaken, and nobody will already remember than it spent the previous day. The Earth will continue turning. The time cures everything.The ten orders of the crisis management in social networks


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