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SEO on PageWhat it does not leave in Google does not exist. Or it exists, but as if it did not do it. Because what a unknown user cannot find in Internet when looks for a product or unknown service is not worth to him don't mention it. Beyond the campaigns of digital marketing, the social networks or the advertising management in platforms as Google AdWords, a gratuitous and useful form to position our page and to improve our ranking is the SEO on Page. That yes: it is necessary to roll up and to work.

One of the things that Google values more at the time of positioning a webpage is, indeed, that employs to him. At the most content is generated, better. But, by all means, not all bond: more and more, thanks to the artificial intelligence, the algorithms of the finder par excellence value plus the quality, and not only the amount, when to increase positions it is tried.

So that the finders fall in love with your content it is not absolutely necessary to be an expert in positioning. Although the SEO at technical level is a field very specialized, extensive and in constant renovation, a good mechanics of practices SEO on Page can help us to improve our ranking with as soon as some simple steps.

How to optimize the SEO on Page

The optimization SEO on Page is the one that adapts the contents, the most visible part of the Web, to the criteria that Google and more better values to give relevance to a certain webpage. From ComunicAlicante, as experts in marketing of contents and specialists in the optimization of contents, we have made this guide for dummies:

  • It determines your words objective. All the process of optimization turns around having some key words to which to give importance. For it, in addition to knowing clearly what we want that Google shows of us, we can inspire and determine our strategy to us on the basis of the best allies: the data. It uses platforms as the Keyword Planner de Google, Semrush or œbersuggest to calibrate which are the key words that represent your business more and what volume of searches has each of them. The ideal is to find the point of contact between which the users look for and what your company offers.
  • It thinks as a journalist. To sell well your content not only will cause that it has more visits and relevance, but Google also likes more to him. An attractive title, a description that gives desire to continue reading, clarity in the writing€¦ A catalogue of values that will suppose a benefit at all the levels.
  • It hierarchizes the information. Google is very intelligent, yes. But the contents of the Web continue them analyzing robots. And, so that it is clear to them what is most important and less important, as well as the structure of the text, the best thing is to hierarchize it. Resources as H2 and H3 (inner subtitles and titles) are perfect to organize it everything so that, in a look, the robot of Google knows what is most important and what it must locate well in his pages of results.
  • You do a friendly URL. The URL must contain the keyword that you wish to position, but for that reason not to be a plagiarism of an extensive phrase. We must eliminate words that do not contribute information, as articles or conjunctions, and to leave those they only have a meaning important not only to show keyword, but to understand what it deals with the post with a few words.
  • It uses plugins. To install plugin as Yoast SEO can serve you as a guide. With a system of lights with the colors of the traffic light, Yoast will be saying to you what is correct, what can improve and what on Page in your content is bad concerning SEO. That yes: they are only recommendations. You do not alter all your text by the obsession to have all the pilots in green, since also Yoast equivocation sometimes.
  • You do not abuse the good practices. In SEO, as upon the life, it agrees not to stretch chewing-gum more of the account. If we want that Google knows with certainty what it deals with a content, the word (or words) key must appear in different points from the text. But, if we tried to abuse this practice so that the finder has more to us in account, Google will detect and we will secure it the opposite effect.

You want to impel the contents of your company? Content marketing is one of the great tools to gain in visibility and power to attract until your page users who, so far, do not know that you exist. And in ComunicAlicante we can help you to elaborate a customized strategy to secure your objectives and to position to you as a referring one in the sector.

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