Corporative communication for SMEs

Corporative communication for SMEsHe is frequent to read and to listen that the comunicativas actions are a territory reserved for the great companies and corporations. The mass media lie down to pay more attention to what they realise companies of relevance and openwork, as is logical, but that does not mean that, touching the suitable keys and with an elaborated and executed good strategy, a company of smaller volume cannot sit down to eat in the same table. For that reason, if we counted on the tools of corporative communication for necessary SMEs, it is possible to aspire to win in notoriety.

To compete in equality of conditions with a great company at communicative level is not simple: numerous budgets, advertising actions of payment with branded content, campaigns and great celebrities - or influencers- is the day to day of the communication for the first swords of the different sectors. Five advice nail would have to be sufficient to count on a good starting point.

He finds what he does to you different

She is one of the great keys in the corporative communication for SMEs. To know in what we can emphasize will give in tray a hanger us, a communicative excuse. We cannot base the corporative communication of a SME on a concrete action, but on a catalogue of values that allow the hearing to see that, independent of the size of the company, there is a defined trip ticket.

That will help to have a more attractive personality facing the outside, to that an identification on the part of the users can occur and, in addition, to that our own workers feel at internal level who comprise of an equipment that knows what is and where it wants to arrive. For it, an elaborated manual of corporative identity altogether by all the equipment, from the senior postses to the flat employees, is a good start.

It plans

The communication of companies cannot walk on the edge of the knife that supposes to improvise what we do. We must know clearly what we want to communicate and how we want to do it, and that necessarily happens to plan in advance: search dates indicated in our general sector or activity, dates that can serve to us to take communicative impulse or concrete landmarks to which we can be added.

To have a calendar well-defined, some actions devised for every date and a mental map what we want to do and how we want that it extends are fundamental. Or at internal level or counting on some agency of corporative communication that supports to us, the strategy must be defined.

It thinks about great

It is not a catchphrase of a cup of Mr. Wonderful nor a delusion of grandeur. In order to grow we must always think about how raising the following communicative step. It is necessary to start off to observe what does those to those who we want to seem to us, to take what it is worth to us, to discard what not and, with our own seal, to give in body and soul to us to obtain it.

If we want that the corporative communication of our SME is able to arrive at the following level we have, in the measurement of our possibilities, to think with creativity, things outside the established thing, dangerous, that can arrive at a notoriety level that by size would be impossible to reach without a great advertising investment. A campaign that takes advantage of the news the present time, to interact with relevance people€¦ Any thing that allows us to operate our virtues to the maximum.


The means are not going to go to call to the door of your SME. If you want to appear in means it is not sufficient with fulfilling our daily activity. It is necessary to go a step further on. To be constantly innovating, proving different actions, is basic. Without activity never the recognition will arrive.

Also it is important to consider that the corporative communication for SMEs is a basic race, not a succession of Sprints. We must be patient, water the plant every day and not be hopeless if, during the first stage, we did not reach the objectives that we persecuted. The certainty is one of the fundamental values to which we must cling.


Except for very concrete and specialized niches, to focus everything what we do in a single channel is an error: it implies to fail to take advantage of the opportunity to communicate and to have relevance in other many. Omnicanalidad not means that we must mix water with oil, that we must deliver superhuman attacks to be present in all the routes, but would be a failure not to have presence in different routes: social networks, average digitalises, traditional means, Internet and a countless number of possibilities.

Without it supposes to send a trawl to the sea in the hope of gathering fruits, centering the shot and being necessary, it agrees search in what channels we can obtain a greater return and concentrate in them, but without only limiting to us one of them: the public is very distributed, reason why never we know if the person who is wishing to know of us - although still she does not know us is in a site or another one. The corporative communication for SMEs can be complex, but applied well it will bear very interesting fruits.

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