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new algorithm of FacebookFacebook has returned to introduce new variables in its algorithm. And, as usual, the change is going to suppose a revolution in the way to use and to consume the social network. The new algorithm of Facebook (edgerank) will cause that the users visualize less containing created by mass media and companies in his feed to prioritize those publications realised by their friendly, relatives and contacts generally. A return to the origins of social network of contact between people that raises many incognitos for Facebook as business and advertising platform.

Facebook Edgerank will cut to the organic reach of fanpages of companies and brands

Many companies already began to have difficulties to position contents of organic way on Facebook. Some changes realised by the direction of the social network in their algorithm had caused that the companies were practically seen forced to invest almost in the service of Ads so that their followers visualized their contents, relegating to the ostracism to those publications without an economic push behind.

That first change already sank the reach of many small businesses and mass media without economic capacity to invest in publicity of Facebook. After that modification, that awarded to great heads and companies that, by system, their contents boostean, the possibilities of growing organic were reduced considerably. But the changes did not finish there.

It does around a month, Facebook announced that it would penalize those publications that they looked for, by other means, to secure a great reach without investment. For example, all those contests that based their success on asking that people left commentaries or shared the photos: by many €˜I like€™ or shared that it has a publication, if Facebook detects that the company that has published it has asked the users that help, the publication will practically disappear of feeds of the followers.

Now, with an algorithm that does not show the usuary publications without investment behind, nor either those that they request collaboration of the followers to obtain a greater reach, practically everything was not reduced to the investment. But, from right now, not even the economic impulse will ensure the success.

Goodbye to clickbait

Clickbait is the technique that uses many fanpages of Facebook which consists of generating posts with holders and showy descriptions so that the users €œclicken€ in the publication and enter a webpage, but that once inside find content of low quality or content without relation with the holder.

This modification of edgerank already announced the past month of Julio although it hopes that it is in the first months of the 2018 when truly the cut of the organic reach of these publications notices.


Of what the new algorithm of Facebook consists?

The new algorithm of Facebook tries to give back to the giant of Internet to its origins: those of a platform of contact of people with its contacts and near people. The users will visualize in his timelines more publications of the people to whom they have decided to less than add and those mass media pages and companies which they follow, no matter how much they have invested in publicity.

2018 will continue being the year of the video

The videos, especially those that average and companies with many followers and investment they published, take during long time being the kings of timelines. But that hegemony can open the way to Facebook most classic and romantic.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, assured recently that this change in its algorithm had as objective to provide one better experience to the user. He responds to complaints and complaints that arrived daily at the social network of users who, in spite of spending hours in the platform, did not find out of the new features their near people nor saw their publications frequently.

But, like in the inverse situation previously, the currency has two faces: that greater satisfaction at personal level of the users brings with himself a reframing of the strategies of contents of many companies and means in the social network: Bond the pain on Facebook to continue investing as much money Ads if the publications are going to arrive at less people? We will be able to maintain the same reach using that part of the budget in other services, as Adwords or Twitter Ads?

Facebook: the giant roller of the content online

The social network par excellence is not it by chance. The last annual report of Facebook showed why it continues being the favorite place to publish so much on the part of users as of companies: aside from his more than 2,000 million users, each data shows with eloquence the size of its community. Than 240,000 photos raised more per minute, two trillions and means of publications in 2017 or 300.000 million reactions in 365 days: a tide of people, brands and contents that will have to be accustomed to the new algorithm of Facebook. A worry for the professionals of the management of social networks.

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