app-padelThe growth of p¡del in Spain does not have comparison, which goes united to the creation of multitude of products and services associated to its practice for delight of his more and more nourished community of followers. In that scope Level Padel moves, one app created and developed in Alicante that helps the players of this sport to find companions and rivals for the practice of p¡del.

Level Padel, by means of a simple and intuitive interface, classifies to the players of p¡del according to different parameters: by the geographic zone in that they can play, their hour availability and level, all the users of the application are interconnected for being able, of a very easy and direct form, always finding other people with whom to share track.

That is to say, whenever Level Padel notifies a user, that person already knows that the information has valuable: she will include the name of another player or player of p¡del that has a similar level, which will make the funniest game; an agreed geographic availability to the zone in which the person moves and some hour in which the game can always square.

The application, that can unload and be used of totally gratuitous form, is available in Apple Store as in Google Play Store, markets of apps movable as much both more well-known and used of the world.

The players registered in Level Padel are gaining points according to the results of their parties, and so little by little, based on his score, they go being classified by levels. In addition, the application has agreements with different clubs from p¡del of the province of Alicante (from which they aspire to expand), so that the users can reserve their tracks in them.

Level Padel, in the press

The means become echo of Level Padel

An application that to the few months of its birth already counts to its users by hundreds, with a great acceptance and the province of Alicante as its starting point and development could not happen unnoticed for mass media.

Level Padel had the opportunity to present its project in the waves by means of an interview realised in the program Here in the Wave of Ondacero, one of the national transmitters with greater reach and hearing. But its passage by mass media was not going to remain in the transistor.

Also in the kiosks, by means of the daily Information, and in the digital portals of great success of the Group Place, as they are Valencia Plaza and Alicante Place, they became echo of the put into operation of one app of Alicante with national projection.

But, in addition to its mass media impacts, the great success of Level Padel is its acceptance. More than thousand followers in four months they only speak of the important niche that covers, with an immense number of users to whom it helps to solve its problems to be able to organize parties.

With a community of users in constant growth, continuous improvements in his app and an innovating service in this sport niche, Level Padel opens to passage in the mobile phones of many lovers of the sport of the shovel and the glazed track, that see in this app the perfect way to avoid to remain at home seeing how the sneakers take dust because not having companions to jump to the track.

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