New challenges for the next year

New challenges for the next year

The year is finished and arrives the moment for making balance. In ComunicAlicante, 2017 have been an intense and full course of new features: clients, projects and new challenges to which to face us to offer the best service to our clients and to on approval put as professionals day to us after day.

We have helped multitude of companies with what better we know to do, as is the corporative communication, the marketing of contents, the relations with influencers and mass media and campaign and strategies of digital and traditional marketing. But also we have extended our horizons and diversified our equipment to be able to offer and to dominate to services of positioning SEO and design Web, something essential for the companies that decide to nowadays bet by the essential presence and digital showcase.

Marketing with influencers in Alicante: the case Goiko Grill

Agency of communication of Goiko Grill

The expansion of hamburgueser­a gourmet Goiko Grill by all Spain took to him on the street to inaugurate its first premises in Alicante before summer Pablo Iglesias, to whom some months later a second restaurant in Manero Moll¡ would be united. From before landing in the capital of the Costa Blanca, Goiko counted on ComunicAlicante to manage its communication and relation with influencers in Alicante.

Events of inauguration, Christmas celebrations and many thousand of followers seated to the table of the premises of Goiko Grill in Alicante helped to the growth and consolidation of hamburgueser­a in the city. For, in addition, making of ComunicAlicante the agency to communication in the Valencian Community for Goiko Grill in its premises of Alicante (2) and Valencia (3), as well as in Murcia, where it opened his first premises at the home of December. The press has not either been other people's to the arrival to the zone of the €œGoiko phenomenon€, case of study and enterprise undertaking at international level, picking up the new features on the matter that the agency has been in charge precise to spread.

Marketing of contents in Alicante and journalism: the specialty of the house

The marketing of contents is, without a doubt, one of the protagonists of the digital universe in 2017. And, in addition, one of the specialties of ComunicAlicante next to the media. From the agency we have managed the corporative contents of our clients with an informative perspective, applying to the procedures and own protocols of mass media: documentation, elaboration and publication.

From blogs specialized in the duel with a psychological approach as elaborated for Group ASV the Funeral Services, a store €œon line€ dedicated to the healthful nutrition (Living Earth), contained dedicated to patients of dentists of Odontological Centers Roman, the ample cover of insurances that offers Link Broker, the possibilities of the Compliance in Alicante or the novel system to arrange parties of Level Padel, between many others: each with its style, approaches and dedication to be able to reinforce own means and to optimize the positioning of the company in finders, in addition to offering an updated and well-taken care of digital showcase that help to project between €˜stake holders€™ and potential clients a fresh and dynamic image of the company.

Group BDI: the bet by the power of local busines

Bdi client 2017 CA

One of the oldest clients of ComunicAlicante, from the home of the walking of the agency, is the company specialized in rehabilitation of buildings Group BDI. In addition to the management of its corporative communication channels and their relations with means, with frequent and well-known appearances in press, the agency has taken to end photographic sessions and, at the end of the year, the elaboration of a corporative magazine in format paper that the light at the home of 2018 will see.

Magic Costa Blanca: a prop in the tourist sector of the province

Another one of the sharpshooting companies of the province that is trusting its communicative project to ComunicAlicante has been the hotel chain Magic Costa Blanca. From his relations with influencers to the delegation of his cabinet of press, from the agency we have worked elbow with elbow with the company to reinforce his image name brand in Internet, to obtain that the means became echo of their new features and more outstanding events and to be able to maximize the impacts of his hotel establishments. The opening of the Hotel Villa Luz in Gandia, the impulse of the €œmanager of space€ or the celebration of the day of the €˜Turismofilia€™ secured great mass media relevance of national scope, including the news of generalist televisions. All this sprinkled of numerous means publications specialized of the tourist sector taking care of the good march of the group and the renovation of its establishments.

ULAB, the ideal site for the entrepreneurs where the ideas move

If there were to emphasize a newness for the entrepreneurs and independent professionals of the province, this has come from the ULAB hand €“ Ideas Meeting Point. 2017 have been the year of the takeoff of coworking and laboratory of ideas located right in the center of Alicante. A place where profiles of different scopes work outstanding elbow elbow, finding the ideal space to realise synergies and interesting encounter and events, and that are already a reference not only in the Costa Blanca, but at international level. ComunicAlicante has been in charge to spread the most important appointments taken to end, as well as the news that have arisen from within from their facilities.

Between most outstanding is the election of ULAB on the part of Fun Academy (Angry Birds) to establish its headquarters in Spain, the project of Space tie Nation to the Basket, the appointment with Shuttle to select companies of Alicante, as well as mass media interviews to the important rapporteurs that have offered chats or have participated in their monthly Bloggers Canes.

Formation in digital marketing, communication and journalism

Comunicalicante equipment

The resisted experience of the professionals of ComunicAlicante is reflected in its participation in courses and formation, where they use his expanded trajectory to transmit the knowledge and to guide which wants to make of the communication their profession or to complement it with digital vision.

Fundesem Business School and its Master in Digital Marketing have been the place where it has become to distribute the subject €œHow to make noticiable the communication of your company€ for the students from the two calls, in addition to comprising of the court of examination of projects of the students.

In courses on handling of WordPress, handling of managers of contents, SEO and e-commerce, the members of the equipment of ComunicAlicante have given interesting advice for the success in the digital undertaking, of the same form that in the consultancies and plans to size so that the clients are self-sufficient in the management of their projects.

Impacts, impacts and more impacts

Note of press emitted by ComunicAlicante

2017 have been a year of impact for ComunicAlicante and its clients. The protocol of selection of material, focuses, production and pursuit for the obtaining of the news does not assure the means publication, but it would be possible to be shelp almost that. Sample of it is the multiple appearances in press of different clients who count on the agency as cabinet of press in Alicante or externalisation of their department of communication, as well as of which they have resorted to her for the accomplishment of campaigns of certain duration.

Diversual, lies down number one of erotic product sale on line in Spain, born and located in Alicante; Carlos Bravo, national reference of formation on Facebook ADS, the digital and propietary marketing of the Xidere fashion brand, in addition to product impeller multiple through BeGuerrilla; the renewed Club of Field of Alicante, that under the baton of its new management has returned to be placed as encounter place, deports and leisure for all the family in a situation privileged between Alicante, Muchamiel and San Juan; the congress of e-commerce €˜Murcia, what digital you are! €™, of the hand of I±aki Tovar; the invention of SeoBox €˜made in Alicante€™, that already sells in all Spain and is used in other countries of Europe; app Mine Diet, the nutritional coach of pocket of which it is to the Diego Salinas front, specialist in Design Thinking; the Drive-You agenda, that has changed the form to secure objectives and that it helps, among others many things, to fight bullying in the classrooms; oriented projects to change the connectivity of the cities, as the proposed ones by Wificom; and many others more than have filled to minutes of radio and television, printed pages of newspapers and screens of their digital editions, as well as profiles of relevance in social networks.

New headquarters of ComunicAlicante

Comunicalicante offices

Also 2017 have been the year in which ComunicAlicante has changed its original headquarters to move to a new headquarters, located in the Business World Alicante. These new offices are an impulse to the visibility and resources of the agency: greater space and majors comforts so that in the day to day the only thing that matters is the development of our work, thus for the comfort of its clients. Magical surroundings that make finery of the name of the agency and its strong entailment to the city and its province, with exceptional views from the office to the castle, the port and the marine facade, where in addition photographic interview, press conferences can be taken to end, session, recording, event and course of formation.

In enterprise and professional surroundings of first level, everything is simpler. With this change, in ComunicAlicante we looked for to take a step more in our own evolution, that every day we propped up with the same work, effort and dedication that we contributed to each client.

2018: from Alicante to much more there

In ComunicAlicante we continued working every day for the total satisfaction of our clients with a put eye in which they have still not called to our door. In 2018, we looked for to harness our present relations with companies, as much at regional level as national, together to arrive beyond our present limits.

A way that or we initiated in 2017, giving the jump to bordering provinces, as Valencia or Murcia; Madrid, where we counted on great professional experience and or managed clients with headquarters or is present at commercial in the zone; Extremadura, Andalusia, Castille-La Mancha and Ibiza are other places in which ComunicAlicante takes to end or collaborates in projects of marketing and communication; a circle that is closed with the United Kingdom, headquarters of previously mentioned project Living Earth, to horse between Brighton and London; as well as Italy and more concretely the North zone (Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna), where we took advantage of the knowledge the zone to help in the management our clients.

Because the greater challenge always is the next one that is about to come.

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