tendencies in social average marketing for 2018

tendencies in social average marketing for 2018Digital marketing is a so young field that year is practically re-invented completely after year. Their practices, tools and analyses vary enormously in agreement advances the time and appear new formats, reason why the professionals of the sector live in a constant update in which to his aptitudes and formation she talks about. What they know today can not valerles for anything tomorrow, reason why to know what it happens and, mainly, which will happen, is fundamental to offer a good yield. For this reason, marketing for 2018 agrees to anticipate itself to the tendencies in social average that are on the verge of arriving.

The advance of technologies as the artificial intelligence or the Internet of the things begins to offer possibilities that until now nobody had considered. What some ago years one ventilated with publications in social networks and articles in the blog, fundamental practices that they have not been back, now is technified until a much more high level, making of the tendencies in social average marketing for 2018 more the outposts of the known ones to date.

Six tendencies in social average marketing for 2018

Digital marketing, as main motor of creation of consumption contents online, looks for not only year after year, but day after day, the formula to obtain to a major engagement. One resorts to storytelling to catch major attention on the part of the user, one looks for to be more attractive and the routes to arrive at the greater number of possible people without for that reason destining great investments. There it goes:

Mobile marketing

It has already been spoken in this blog of smartphones as main support of consumption of contents. Marketing in vertical format, that one with messages and contents adapted to the form of the screen of the telephones as the users maintain them and consult, is basic in the present, but mainly in the future. Facing 2018 all that one project that it tries to settle down in the network must have adapted its format responsive. Google very considers it, and it is not for less, considering that 75% of the traffic in ecommerce comes from movable devices and finalizes in purchase. It is not that the mobile or the main tool of access to Internet: it is that with time one is going away to practically take all the market share.

Treatment of contents

The information saturation is so on the part of the user and receiver that agrees to select well what messages and contents are sent. The usuary one half is now infinitely more susceptible to the Spam than it was it some years ago, and no longer it is arranged to swallow certain practices on the part of the companies. Those that is able to select most excellent and interesting of Internet for his target, and to appear it of an attractive way, will fidelizar¡n more to their followers and will be able to attract newer among those than they look for to escape of the informative maze of Internet.

facebook and instagram in 2018

Marketing with influencers

They have been years being the kings of the digital world, and by all means they were not going to remain outside the tendencies in social average marketing for 2018. That yes, always taking a step further on: the inflated numbers of followers (false, in many cases) no longer interest so much. The brands no longer go to the bulk. Microinfluencers enters scene, and a greater impact looks for although it is in smaller communities before to destine great budgetary games to a single campaign with influencer important. Also to influencers it is necessary fidelizar them.

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Ephemeral content

He is something amply known. The Snapchat model, to which Instagram has known to take to the top thanks to its Stories, is basic in any strategy of social average marketing. Those small videos or gifs have a capacity by which any advertiser would pay: to have the total attention of the user during some seconds, since it knows that soon the content will disappear and she does not want to lose itself. To know how to remove party it and to create contents adapted to the format is becoming a practice whose domain marks the difference between those who really removes juice to the networks and that are limited to continue publishing.

It takes advantage of the data

Terms as Big Data, Data Science or Business Intelligence can seem technicians very. And they are it. But something good has the enormous amount of information that offers Internet is the equally immense amount of conclusions that allows to remove for who knows to read those data. Of a good data analysis strategies very valuable can be extracted to arrive at more users, so that the impact in them is greater and for, campaigning more efficient, to reduce costs You don't know of data analysis? Contract or forms to you.

I know visual

Nowadays, when sailing by Internet we ran into with an old Web, hisses enormously. The tendencies in social average marketing for 2018 turn around a principle: to be nice for the user. And that begins in our Web, follows with the optimization of the profiles in social networks and finishes in each one of the messages that we sent. For some years, which concerned era that the user had before his eyes the greater amount of possible information. Now, one looks for to create saturated pages little, with the presented and structured good information, so that the user has a good experience of navigation.

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