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The companies and brands that resort to people with great communities of followers in the social networks are living an exponential increase in the last years and months. The powerful accounts more and more are quoted, cach©s of influencers raises as the foam and the brands are not few that must resign to it. Against this background, the campaigns have turned towards a new type of communication: marketing with microinfluencers.

What is to microinfluencer?

Microinfluencers is those users of the social networks that, although they have reached certain relevance and they accumulate several thousands of followers in his accounts, still do not have a volume that allows to receive for that reason nor to give to Internet an exclusive dedication them.

Great influencers has happened to another level: with a rain of supplies and brands that they look for to collaborate with them, two realities can be allowed that some ago years seemed unthinkable: on the one hand, they request great amounts of money by each campaign; on the other, they define plus his fields of specialization, values as image name brand and preferences and are limited to work with those brands with which really they feel identified: as the economic income are assured, they happen to background.

Although the great majority of brands with digital presence or is completely you would bring back to consciousness of the importance and efficiency of collaborating with influencers to present their products or services, all does not destine budgetary games that they arrive at the step in which great influencers has determined their cache.

And there, finally, microinfluencers arise. It is not but a return to the embryonic model of collaborations with influencers: the pure interchange. The companies offer a free sample of their products or services, and the receivers are in charge to spread the word between their followers. It is a way to limit the assigned budget these actions to the cost of the product, without getting to pay fee determined by publications but, by all means, with a smaller reach.

Strategy of Marketing with microinfluencers

The economic saving for the company is evident: one goes to have to destine a portion of the budget of marketing to a single action with influencer of first level to be able to have that digital presence without more cost than the one of the own product and the shipment. But then, how to equal the impact? Very simple: instead of collaborating with a single influencer, collaborating with many simultaneously.

The tendency begins to turn in that direction: the companies are more and more obstinate to realise great payments that, although they obtain a remarkable impact, are of difficult measurement. Where before the problem was resolved commanding when influencer a product (or a selection of them) to its address, now it will be necessary to do it with several people simultaneously, but the cost will significantly continue being inferior the one to assume a great cache.

Marketing with microinfluencers is taking to many numerous profiles but not excessively powerful to collaborate with brands of great level. From fashion (the sector king in Instagram) to restaurants and hotels and companies of trips, many and very different companies are looking for profiles that a year ago probably had hardly discarded not to have sufficient followers, but that now they are a piece in his puzzle of campaign of digital marketing.

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The equation is simple: to a brand of sneakers it cheap leaves more to him to send ten pairs to ten profiles of 20 thousand followers who to pay fee of an account of 200 thousands, to which in addition it will have to also send the product. In addition to tying in the number of absolute reach before taking the campaign, the brands make sure that its product is not concentrated in an only hearing, but is different communities, marking the times and without falling in extreme exigencies.

How many following they have microinfluencers?

He is complicated to fix a bracket with respect to how many following they have microinfluencers, although habitually usually they are between the 10 and 50 thousand followers. Hardly some brand will collaborate with a profile that has that ground less than, and probably who are superficially already they begin to consider to request some economic repayment by its services of marketing in social networks.

By all means, to find to profiles that are in the line than our company looks for does not mean that there is to send itself to the swimming pool to give products lightly. As we already explained in the article Ten orders for your campaign of marketing of influencers, it is necessary to start off of a previous study: to analyze the profiles, to study its real impact, to determine its card and to value if their message, style and contents are in the line of our needs.

The marketing of microinfluencers part of the premise to bet by the amount before the quality, but not necessarily that implies that the amount is it everything nor the somewhat secondary quality. In fact, betting by this format does if the meticulous previous study fits more necessary: when influencer it acquires an immense size, their impact and relevance are evident; in profiles of pierced minor, it is necessary to have well-taken care of with following the profiles susceptible to have bought.

Fake influencers: it damages it of the sector

It is not any secret: the followers can buy themselves. Pages as Addmefast or Creapublicidad exist that sells them by some Euro pennies. They do not serve for anything. Safe to fatten the ego of the owner of the account. And it is not either any secret that many apparently great profiles base many of their zero to the right on a previous investment. Luckily, he is not complicated to detect it: likes in the photo of really influencer usually is between the 10 and 15% of their followers. With thousand followers, between 100 and 150 €˜I like€™ by photo. If it has more: fantastic. Their contents secure an impact than positive more and its notoriety is, in proportion, so interesting for a company that looks for collaborations as the own holder of the profile at the time of showing its data brands.

But, if the ratio is blatantly smaller, the fraud is evident. To see accounts in different social networks with numbers of followers who scare and an extremely mediocre interaction is explained with four simple letters: bots. The false followers can buy themselves by thousands to a price than more reasonable, and many people have seen in the present context of professionalisation of the social networks a niche in which, with a small previous contribution, their publications can later mint.

Fake influencers, in addition, lies down to fall in a practice that, although is not determining since many powerful users of social networks do it, usually serves to identify to them: they are offered. In ComunicAlicante, as it gets hold of in charge of campaigns of marketing with influencers in Alicante, we have been in the way with many offers of profiles that, once analyzed, are not (nor approach a) which claims to be: influencers.

Influencers is it, indeed, because they influence in other users in decisions of purchase or hiring of services. To spend time and money in contacting with a person, sending our product to him and to monitor its publications is absurd if, although it has average million followers, the immense majority of them are bought. Better to sharpen the shot and search profiles with less followers but a greater reach.

To have followers who are not real in your accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Snatchap, Google+, or Instagram not they will help you to relaunch the sales of your business.

Microinfluencers: The future of digital marketing for SMEs?

The great companies and brands have budgets in which practically everything fits: Nike is not going to resign to Cristiano Ronaldo and, a step underneath, other brands or great stores will continue betting by influencers of first row. But behind the billboards and spot of television, in the digital world, many brands bet by the format of microinfluencers although they can be allowed economically to go to the great thing.

And, in addition, microinfluencers is an opportunity: its accessibility causes that they are a front door to digital marketing for small and medium businesses that, without a specific budget for it, want to expand their brand in the social networks. Really, a format practically of win-win for all the parts that the panorama transforms and helps the brands as much that they look for to promote as the users of networks that try to work a professional way in the sector.

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