It discovers why the SEO is important for your company with this article of our Web

It discovers why the SEO is important for your company with this article of our WebMany people with positions of certain relevance in companies that have still not undertaken their way towards the digitalization ask themselves: Why is the SEO important? Even, many of them directly consider: What is the SEO? In ComunicAlicante, as agency of digital marketing and corporative communication, at the time of selling our services we tried to make a little Didactics so that the potential clients see that the investment is worth the trouble.

Home by most basic, before arriving at the point in which it is explained why the SEO is important, it agrees to shell what is the SEO. Etymological, SEO is the acronym of Optimization Search Engine. Or, which is the same, optimization of the web search engines. That is to say, in essence the SEO is the technical discipline or that deals with which a company appears possible more above in the Internet finders. That is to say, two possibilities exist of appearing in first positions in the finders, through the organic positions (SEO) or through SEM (advertising campaigns through Google AdWords).

As she can imagine, even those people totally other people's to the world of marketing online, it is a practice in which take part very many different factors. But, mainly, there is one determines the position that the companies are able to reach: the competition.

In her they have to do the famous key words or keywords: if we want to position a page, it is necessary to choose with what key words. There so much is tried to guess right with the election, as long as it adjusts to which our page shows or offers, as elaborating a strategy adapted for, basing us on one keyword main and also betting by other many that have relation with her and so the Web contains, to optimize each element of the page so that the web search engines, especially Google, show it between the first positions.

Organic positioning in finders

What factors consider Google to position?

There is an immense amount of variables that determine how above is the position that a company reaches in Internet. In addition to or mentioned and vitally important competition, other many elements and incognitos are strained in the equation to impel (or to penalize) the optimization of the web search engines. Although they are hundreds, some of most important are the following:

  • Original content: To Google (just as to the users) it they do not like copies. If we plagiarized content or we inserted content of low quality to our Web that contributes little to the user (thin content) we would be incurring which it is considered as the main disadvantage so that the web search engines position our webpage. Optimal copywriting adapted to the SEO will make you rankear until the first positions in the finder.

  • Speed of load: A page with too many elements to load and that behind schedule in showing all their content is little friendly for the finders, and hardly will enter between the first positions. Crawler has a budget of limited tracking to see the content of our Web. If the speed of load is superior to 3 seconds, Google will have less time to track and to index our Web at the same time as negative for the user experience will consider it. We can find out the optimization of load of ours site through the tool Page Speed Insights.

  • Architecture Web. The page must be constructed as a building. The domain and main key words are the foundations, and from the different sections and pages with own URL they must there form a perfect tree in which keywords are not overlapped to avoid the feared cannibalisation. It must be the first step at the time of designing the strategy of a business online.

  • Authority. As much our domain as our page has their own level of authority, which we can increase creating contained of quality and relevance for our followers.

  • Responsive. A majority of users accedes already to Internet more with the mobile than with the computer, reason why to have webpages that do not adapt to all the supports not well is seen on the part of Google.

The sum of the care and affection with which we deal with each these legs will give as result the positioning of our page. To secure a good organic positioning in finders (that is, without paying for that reason) is not far from it impossible, but it requires a work of great dimensions: from a previous analysis of Internet and the competition to the definition of the key words that we want that they are related to the company, the constant production of original content and one extreme neatness in the strategy.

That neatness is necessary to avoid the penalties of Google, that can arrive from the most unexpected forms. Or mentioned cannibalisation she is one of them (to try to position the same keyword several times in a same Web), but the plagiarism of contents (Google will know if we copied and we beat of other Webs) or pages with a speed of too high load suppose to be accumulating penalties. Or, which is the same, that nobody finds us when it looks for in Internet. For it, we can resort to two different types of SEO: SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

What is SEO On Page and SEO Off Page?

If we are already convinced of why the SEO is important to present to us in Internet, we can be deepening more. In Internet the presence is neither very many the less sufficient: there is one who thinks that mounting a Web and filling it of information she will begin to sound the telephone and to call people to the door, but is not thus. Perhaps it would be it in 2002, but in that the competition in the network is not now, in a while immense and the education cybernetics of the great majority of users allows them search what they need without going to other channels.

Since the telephone is not going to sound by the mere presence of our company in Internet, it is necessary to think about tremendously active tactics of positioning. For it we can resort to SEO On Page and In off Page.

SEO On Page is the part of the optimization of web search engines related yet what we do in our Web happens that appears between the first positions of Google: to optimize the content of the Web, to improve the speed of load, the usability and navigability of the page and other variables directly related to our Web.

SEO Off Page measures the popularity of our webpage and are all those practices that we can realise outside our page so that our traffic and positioning improve: linkbuilding of quality. As Google in its directives says to us well, the connected one must be natural and all those actions that serve to manipulate the Page Rank (authority of a domain) will be penalized.

The links that transfer major authority to a project Web are those that they attract traffic, they are not penalized, they have a anchor text optimized and come from Webs of authority of you yourself thematic one. Any link is not worth.

The best tools to visualize our connected strategy of external are: ahrefs, Majestic, Sistrix and SemRush.

What is better, SEO On Page or SEO Off Page? Both the same. To neglect one of both would be an immense error: Google awards to that more works it, reason why to be scrupulous in the implantation of the SEO strategies is fundamental, as well as to equip to the page of new contents with regularity.

Search Console: Tool essential SEO

tool SEO

Many tools and applications can help us to improve our positioning and strategy of SEO. One of the main ones is without a doubt Google Search Console or previously denominated Google Webmaster tools, the customized control panel of the finder of finders.

Search Console will allow us to accede to data very valuable to polish our strategy on the march: who thinks that in the SEO she can be fitted to an unremovable plan, he is lost. To be rectifying on our original plan and raising new ideas and action is not far from it synonymous of lack of planning: in the SEO, and Internet generally, everything it changes to a very high speed, and that do not adapt they will remain outside in just a short time.

Thus, with Search Console we will be able to accede to as valuable data as keywords by which the users find us, what other pages are connecting ours, possible errors in our page, problems of security, level of usability, to visualize possible penalties, to see the CTR of our key words€¦ A information countless number that, with a good analysis and the suitable knowledge, will serve us to have the control on our project. In addition, this tool is totally gratuitous.

However: , at least, to send to the swimming pool SEO without the learned theory, is dangerous. Google can penalize to us and cause that the work is in vain if we are not sufficiently careful or we fall in bad practices, is possible that our Web is in a page of Google which no user gets search e, even, that nor appears.

If you wonder yourself why the SEO is important, you intuit that something has but you are not enabled to elaborate a strategy, we can help you. To resort to experts in digital marketing and SEO, as which ComunicAlicante counts, will help to that the visibility of your page and company in Internet increases, with all the indirect benefits that can bring that one user who looks for your product or service sees your name first in the screen.

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