The contest of start-UPS of Ulab and Delikia already has winners

The contest of start-UPS of Ulab and Delikia already has winnersThe jury has deliberate and six enterprising projects of Alicante have been chosen as winners of the contest of start-UPS organized by Ulab and Delikia. In particular they have been the projects Connects it, Pearl Jump, Lœ to me, McWatchesCo, What Pain and the Pineapple, whose visibility will be able to increase exponentially thanks to the peculiar but effective prize of the contest: to place its images in two million glasses of coffee distributed by the machines strategically located by all the province.

Ulab and Delikia will give that impulse to the selected projects as the most original and promising entrepreneurs of the province by means of the use of some portable advertising supports that, although habitually they fulfill another assignment, are a superb option to occur to know.

Who is who in the contest of Ulab and Delikia

Ulab and Delikia received many and very original proposals in their contest, but in the end they have only been the six chosen ones to obtain the prize. Between Ulab, the center of businesses and laboratory of ideas located in center of Alicante, and Delikia, brand of coffee that emphasizes by its environmental and shared in common commitment, has chosen the following projects.

Connect it to me

This project is a technological consultancy for users. It emphasizes to adapt to the requirements of each user and it gives to support and help them to solve problems derived from the use of technological devices in the day to day: it responds doubts, it gives endorsement and, mainly, it causes that the consumers can feel wrapped.

Pearl Jump

With this peculiar name that unites to the musical group Pearl Jam with the verb €˜to jump€™ in English €“ jump-, this start-up of Alicante is dedicated to make modular inclines and structures in which to practice sports as the BMX or skateboard. They look for, since already Hawkers with the sunglasses would do, to democratise the sector: they sell, they rent and they create inclines to size, even adaptable to spaces as rooms, garages or gardens, so that nobody remains without a place where to jump.

The province of Alicante tells on great raw companies that they handle as few the material EVA, but now this project of Alicante gives a use them other people's to the footwear. Lœ makes grounds quilted for babies, with European certification and the fulfillment of the controls of more demanding toxic materials, which guarantees the security for smallest of the house. This surface, by its texture, becomes a toy more, and lets to the parents breathe with tranquillity while the small ones amuse envelope she.


Clocks of design made in Alicante. Fashion of quality for young people, to accessible prices and with all the possible combinations for any occasion. Ulab and Delikia have seen in McWatchesCo e-commerce that it fulfills one of the dominant tendencies in the digital panorama of nowadays: to put to the client in center of everything and to give an attention to the user of first level.

What Pena

The fashion is changing: the most traditional landlords no longer are seen necessarily as the references follow, and projects because Pain has much to do on the matter. Start-up is one that designs and makes dresses with unique landlords, printings with limited edition designs and in that the necks can be interchanged: a form to create unique pieces with a very particular style.


In the height of the social networks and digital marketing in Alicante, and all Spain, she could not need a dedicated project. Pineapple offers services of creative communication for small and medium businesses, with a bold style and looking for, as it cannot be of another way, to adapt to the needs and resources of each client.

These six projects are the chosen ones by Ulab and Delikia to live everything an impulse to their visibility. Now, with the taken first step, its exit to the outside world already will only depend on its resources, talent and forces.

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