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marketing-digitalis-in-AlicanteThe communication, digital marketing and the social networks comprise of the day to day of companies, businesses and SMEs. The particular industrial revolution that lives the sector on the publicity in Internet is causing that every time is except the companies that are not opened to the digital world. In context in that it seems that what is not in Internet does not exist, the companies bet by the formation in social networks and digital marketing in Alicante for their workers, and the province offers some interesting options to introduce itself and to be able to get to dominate this important edge of the companies.

One of the options of reference by knowledge, application and prestige to form in digital marketing in Alicante, is without a doubt the Masters in Digital Marketing of Fundesem. This postgraduate course allows to dominate to all the concepts and tools within reach of users, experts and professionals of the sector, in addition to applying a vision practical and strategic of all the acquired knowledge to be able to remove benefit to them from the first day. The program, that goes by his eighth edition, renews constantly to offer in each session the last ones more and updated methods of work of this ample professional field, very demanded in departments of communication and cabinets of press in Alicante. In addition, the postgraduate counts between its professors with professionals of great experience in the sector, some of them pertaining to ComunicAlicante. It is the case of Iv¡n J. Mu±oz, consultant and professor of communication and new technologies of the information applied to the media and the publicity, with an ample trajectory in average nationals and projects of relevance. In fact, the service of consultancy and formation in digital marketing and social networks for companies, businesses or institutions is another one by which it honors the agency.

ComunicAlicante to size offers courses and consultancies in social networks and digital marketing in Alicante. More information, HERE

Courses of formation in Digital Marketing in Alicante - Fundesem Court
Javier Gosende, Iv¡n J. Mu±oz and Isidro P©rez, professors of the MMDI of Fundesem.

Another one of the educative institutions with greater reputation of the province is the University of Alicante, that supplies the title of Expert in Social Networks, Strategy and Digital Communication. This formation distributes Fridays and Saturdays in the evening, reason why it allows to arrange with the working life, and throughout an academic course tries to turn to the students in experts throughout its 200 hours of especially practical classes.

Centers deprived as EEME Bussiness School, that counts on a center in Alicante, also offer actual titles of formation. Its masters in Marketing Online and Communication 2,0 is another one of the options to deepen in this field in the province; it lasts of nine months, forty different modules of study and one formation, according to announce, of €œ360 degrees for professionals of high level€.

Another one of the education centers superior of the province, the brief University Miguel Hern¡ndez de Elche, supply formation, as its course of 25 hours in Hiring the International and Electronic Commerce. It is a shorter program, focused to the sales through Internet and the commerce, fields in which the social networks play very useful a protagonist role and to form in digital marketing in Alicante.

In addition to going more to the educative institutions recognized, some precise initiatives as the Social Camp Average that is celebrated these days in the capital of the Costa Blanca or the course specialized in FB Ads that took place some weeks ago they are sample of which the formation in digital marketing in Alicante is within reach of whatever it is interested for that reason. Sometimes, with programs express concentrates in a few hours and days that happen fleetingly through the province, but that helps to begin or to deepen knowledge in a strategic and necessary field in the world of the businesses of the 21st century.

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