Ulab and Delikia have summoned a contest of startups in Alicante with a peculiar prize: to appear in two million coffee glasses

Ulab and Delikia have summoned a contest of startups in Alicante with a peculiar prize: to appear in two million coffee glassesMany incipient companies of the province consider how or where to participate in a contest of startups in Alicante. Now, Ulab and Delikia have summoned a race in which they will award to local projects of recent creation with a peculiar prize that will suppose an immense push to its visibility: to appear in the coffee glasses of the machines of Delikia by all the province. Altogether, more than two million customized glasses in some of the concurred places more of Alicante, as airports, stations, shopping malls, headquarters of companies and faculties.

This particular contest of startups in Alicante is a great opportunity for independent entrepreneurs and who, in the heat of phase of development of their projects, look for financing or investors to gain visibility and that its name begins to appear beyond its limits.

What you are going away to find?

€˜Coffee with ideas€™, name with that the organizers have baptized the initiative, will have all those small movable supports publicity so that they exert more as a campaign of marketing of whom the winners can benefit, who as visibility action can be as interesting as a prize in metalist, but.

The jury will select among the finalists the undertaking project that better adjusts to which Ulab and Delikia look for: fresh ideas, innovation, startups with a base collaborative and that, leaves or not of a school of businesses, they have a sustainable enterprise model and different by that it is worth the trouble to bet.

How to participate in the contest of startups in Alicante

The term to concur in this particular match is open until next day 16 of October, date in which the organization will compile and value all the presented ideas to choose one on the basis of a concrete criterion: the originality.

In order to participate, the mechanics is very simple. It is enough with raising a photo #coffeconideas Instagram and including hashtag, in addition to tagging to the accounts of @Ulab_es and @Delikia_es. In that same photo, the participants can explain of original way their projects, emphasizing their factors differentials.

The only requirement is that the idea or the project of that concurs in the contest or is in operation, independent of the fact that is something online or actual, and that their operational base is the province of Alicante.

Ulab, shuttle of new companies

The contest is organized by Ulab and Delikia, two of the companies with innovating projects with greater positioning and projection in the province of Alicante. Ulab is a center of businesses located in center of Alicante; a laboratory of ideas in which independent, startups and entrepreneurs they coexist, they work and they have a recognition springboard to begin to work and to develop his companies.

And, next to Ulab, Delikia: a brand of coffees that goes beyond realising a flavorful product and with effort. The environmental commitment is the motor of this company, with a shared in common and sustainable character that causes that their S-values as important as their coffee.

Any local entrepreneur who looks for a contest of startups in Alicante is of congratulations: with a little imagination, its corporative image can appear in two million coffee glasses and to be the perfect companion of a little while of relaxation and rest I suck to I suck.

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