The satirical newspapers have been able to deceive supposedly serious means once againThe satirical newspapers have some of the followed and valued profiles more of the social networks. From old Greece to the Arcipreste de Hita, the satire has been developed as a sort in itself: compositions in which customs and conducts are criticized, with an funny and burlesque tone that looks for the divertimento of the public. Today, means as The Onion, El Mundo Today or the Viscalacant premises in the city of Alicante are a reference for the readers€¦ but also for journalists eager for the news for their own means.

It is the case of Viscalacant. A satirical portal that, with humor as wire and texts written with structure and appearance of the always located real news in the province of Alicante, has managed to deceive more already than one. Their news, openly recognized as invented and with an only intention of entertainment, have been taken in serious by mass media (supposedly) informative, that have not doubted in making journalism of the bad one with so securing a few clicks without resisting the information nor verifying from what source comes.

The most recent situation lived this same week. Viscalacant €œinformed€ about a thorny case: a man had been stopped to practice sex with a cow of atrezo in a store of Alicante. A laughing and showy holder for any means but for a small detail: that never happened€¦ although some means would think that yes and they were not stopped to verify it.

The local chain 7 Valencia TVS became echo in its Web, like Megabyte the News, newspaper of the region of Marina Baixa. The too succulent news as to resign to the visits that it would generate by the simple fact that he was not real. The Valencian local television already has realized its error and has eliminated the news of its webpage, but while this article is written (15 of June of 2017) the local portal that also did his the text of Viscalant still maintains it in its domain (here).

It is history how a rehash (in the journalistic jargon, to take a information from another means and to remake it to publish it in another one without verifying its veracity) can leave expensive and cause a damage at different levels. On the one hand, loss of credibility derived from the bad demonstrated praxis. On the other, public taunt by the ridiculous situation to give by valid an article appeared in satirical newspapers. What begins as a shining idea to gain some click (with its consequent income) and easily fast finishes as a shot in the foot of the means that incur the media of low quality.

The satirical newspapers have obtained that more of supposedly serious means it is created his texts
Rehash of Megabyte the News of the original text of Viscalacant

Satirical newspapers as shame of the media

The case of the gentleman whom it loved the cows carried out by Viscalant is the last one, but far from it the unique one in that daily satirists have opened the theoretically serious mass media shames. Specialist in these arts has been El Mundo Today, one of the pioneers of the sector in Spain, that accumulates so many means filtrations without desire to verify sources as demands on the part of which they do not finish understanding his humor.

EMT, that portal managed by some (very good) students of philosophy, are able to adapt a fine and ironic humor to the present time to give foot to the desternillantes holders of Internet in Spain: from the video-game FIFA in which the user will defend to the soccer players before Property until the lady whom he invoked to the demon in a course of English, his I devise has taken to them to expand his business and of home to collaborate with radios, to write a book or to perform in plays.

One of the average primerios that swallowed with an article of El Mundo Today was chain Four, when thinking that he informed about a revolution in the world of digital music: new iPods would not admit €œexcrement music€. Later, an article in which participated one of the EMT creators explains passage by step how to deceive means, as well as some of the sounded cases more of its trajectory, nowadays unthinkable before the fame which they have won.

El Mundo calls Today, Viscalacant or Khabaristan Times (portal that ridicules to Islamic terrorists and extremists), to see one of its pieces of humor given by certain and spread in mass media is as ridiculous as dangerous. While little rigorous journalists become a mess whenever they see tuit or an article that asks to them to shouts to be object of rehashes, the rest of users can enjoy some of their masterpieces.

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