The journalistic debate generated by the death of Iv¡n Fandi±o, in the blog of ComunicAlicante

The journalistic debate generated by the death of Iv¡n Fandi±o, in the blog of ComunicAlicanteThe death of Iv¡n Fandi±o, bullfigther who underwent a fatal thrust the past week during a bullfight celebrated in France, has returned to put on the table the debate about the limits of the media. Not even the most experimented of the sector they are agreed. To show an explicit image that can hurt sensitivities: sensationalism or realism? right to the information of the reader or moral damage?

The faculties of journalism worldwide daily touch to this subject in hundreds of classes and lessons. The publications of mass media can have different limits in three vertienes: the ethics, holds to subjective norms and personal interpretations; the legal one, adapting to the laws not to generate to means legal problems; and the professional, verifying each information by journalistic responsibility before its publication. In the case of the death of Iv¡n Fandi±o, the journalistic ethics was applied of different Spanish means form different.

The debate generated about the death of Iv¡n Fandi±o already has taken place previously with different protagonistsThe engrosa death of Iv¡n Fandi±o the very long list of events that supposed an internal ethical debate in writings and a complex answer on the part of the readers, because any decision has detractors. If it is not published, who prioritize their right to inquire they are unsatisfied. If it is published, there are complaints by hurt sensitivities. A complicated decision that not even in means has unamimity before taking itself definitively.

Other happened mortal thrusts throughout history became hollow in the covers of generalist newspapers. The Manolo Montoliº banderillero, the Yiyo bullfigther, the illustrious Manolete€¦ Or they are representing bullfighting or accidental protagonists of the present time as Aylan, the extreme situations on approval continue putting the ethical tasting of the different writing tables of main Spanish means.

ABC, one of more long-lived generalist newspapers of Spain, followed its habitual revistero format with the decision to publish the image. To all page, as first and only subject of the cover, the face of suffering of Fandi±o while the bull cheat on era to him the image of the day for the historical head.

El Pa­s, unlike which it had done in the historical covers that accompany to this article, the day after the death of Iv¡n Fandi±o did not include the event as the main image of his cover, but in a small lateral holder. El Mundo yes gave its more important photo of the cover to the news of the deceased bullfigther: the killing one, helped by other participants in the bullfight, is retired of the place between pain gestures.

The death of Iv¡n Fandi±o: only an example moreCases as the one of the death of Iv¡n Fandi±o already had carried out the cover of ABC throughout history

In September of 2015, a called boy Aylan, Syria refugee who fled from the war in his country, were found dead in a Turkish beach. The image of its body lain down on the sand gave the return to the world, although all the mass media did not choose to publish it. The debate generated around that photo removed to shine the heterogeneity of Spanish disparity and mass media, in spite of the coincidence among them in the approach of many capital subjects, of criteria in other important issues of background.

The means oscillated between television newscasts that went one week emitting the image of how coastguards picked up the small body without life and it separated it from the cameras and those that only notified of aseptic form without showing the corpse explicitly: that ethical strip, stumped and disorientated based on the person and the news to try, marked rules journalistic of 2015 as now it makes the death of Iv¡n Fandi±o in France.

Cheat on bullfigthers, refugees, victims of the terrorism, extreme zones of warlike conflicts, extreme hungers€¦ The list of misfortunes that win the informative present time is practically interminable. All the mass media publish, at some time, explicit images, but the discussion is where a limit pays attention. What is excessive and what no. From where there is to stop teaching to the reader which happens to protect its sensitivity.

Before the lack of an absolute truth or solution that contents to all the parts, only that prevail over the others are the freedom of the reader to choose that one means that than it looks for to him, without ethical conflicts of by means. He is each consumer individually who perceives sensationalism in the publication of an explicit image, or that on the other hand sees it as a realism exercise. The media, until the next tragedy, will continue discussing with itself the convenience of publishing or not this type of photographies.

The death of Iv¡n Fandi±o was the main photo of cover the day after the event

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