Five tendencies in marketing and communication for 2019

Tendencies in marketing and communication for 2019

Christmas vacation already belongs to the past, and well into the month of January there is no more option than to work, to plan and to organize what must be a year of challenges, projects and successes. But, for it, it is necessary to always stay to the vanguard, to update themselves to the last exigencies and to know first hand the tendencies that come to be able to be around the new needs. By€¦

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Professional design: your marketing of contents with creativity enriches

Professional design

The marketing of contents is one of the basic pillars of the strategy of communication of any company. With a noticeable line and a production it frequents and of quality, to count on a powerful blog help to undertakings to promote its products and services, to control €“ until certain I mark the volume of information of its company that circulates around Internet and to project by means of an own loudspeaker those messages more€¦

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chatbot daily ace

To two months of the World-wide one, little we know envelope how it will be the informative unfolding in Russia. The sport press and Telecinco €“ chain with the exclusive right not yet is developing what new features would contribute to be able to attract the readers and spectators. What yes it is foreseeable is the use of chatbots. The virtual assistants already had an excellent paper in the Europe of France and these two years, all the winds€¦

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Enterprising women: the greater projection in time record

enterprising woman alicantepng

Proud of the good work done. Thus we felt in ComunicAlicante after the mediatic and social impact that has had our news of national recognition for of the Alicante Natalia Calder³n, awarded by its contribution to that the businessmen can obtain optimal results with the use of the new technologies. Of the news on our friend, that she was developed in the offices of ComunicAlicante, they have become echo the main informative means€¦

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The 2017 of ComunicAlicante: the more outstanding projects and campaigns

New challenges for the next year

The year is finished and arrives the moment for making balance. In ComunicAlicante, 2017 have been an intense and full course of new features: clients, projects and new challenges to which to face us to offer the best service to our clients and to on approval put as professionals day to us after day. We have helped multitude of companies with what better we know to do, as is the corporative communication, the marketing of contents,€¦

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Digital marketing and Christmas: new forms to communicate the one of always


Christmas is one of the most special times of the year at communicative level, and the departments of marketing of all the companies of the world take advantage of it thousands and one forms. It is a stage marked by customs and traditions, by the return to certain common places that they visit year after year. But, whatsoever, the relation between digital marketing and Christmas is more and more near: we look for€¦

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Marketing intelligence: thus it is the R+D of the marketing research that it will change the future

marketing intelligence

The evolution of the techniques of marketing research, publicity and sales on the part of the companies has walked during the last decades in parallel to the technological evolution. Each advance went united to a new form to sell: of the announcements in press and radio one went to the television spots; banners in Internet, digital marketing arrived and the social networks. Now, a new way to understand€¦

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The new technologies of the information and the management of the duel

The management of the duel was one of the last things that remained other people's to the new technologies: no longer

Something as eternal as the management of the duel is being revolutionized by the new technologies. The loss of a loved one brings about a pain and a later process of mourning that takes being one of the main preoccupations of the people from the home of the times: now, in Alicante, an innovating project tries to apply new formulas to a situation that is of everything less new. It is€¦

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Neuromarketing: what is and how it affects to conventional marketing

Neuromarketing: what is and how their lessons can be applied

The world of digital marketing specializes and returns more complex every day than it happens. What few years do was a recent discipline, in which a few advancing opportunely began to practically form of self-taught way, nowadays is a field of absolutely cross-sectional specialty. Professionals of disciplines variad­simas have focused their races towards digital marketing, have appeared courses and m¡steres specialized and his€¦

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Alicante CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET and its Yearbook 2016: celebration of the media and the publicity

Alicante CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET, presentation of its Yearbook 2016 in the MARQ

Alicante CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET presented its Yearbook 2016 yesterday. The facilities of the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ) served as scene for the celebration of which already it has become appointment forced for the media, the communication and the publicity in the province of Alicante. With an ample representation of the society of Alicante €“ politicians, businessmen and sportsmen, among others, the members of the equipment of the transmitter offered from stand one€¦

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