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The sector of the footwear is one of the motors of the economy in the province of Alicante. It is, without a doubt, one of the pillars on which the good health of the provincial industry, inexhaustible source of exports is based and added value unquestionable for thousand of companies and jobs at local level. But, to be able to arrive a step further on, the publicity in the footwear has been a fundamental push: the sector puts completely in the 21st century, assumes as own the digital innovations and it is sent to compete in a global market that nothing has to do with the classic industry that it made take off countless families of Alicante.

In order to value to what extent marketing and the publicity in the footwear have put completely in the homes worldwide, it is not necessary more than to pay attention to the giants of the sector. Companies and brands that do not have any problem in investing what it is necessary to improve the perception that the users have of them, to catch new segments of customer and to even serve of attention to the agile client and with answers practically in real time: maximum advantage of the new technologies.

For that reason, and as vindication of the potential of present and future of the footwear of Alicante, we reviewed some of the fundamental landmarks in the publicity, communication and marketing of the sector, as much at general level as for companies of the province.

Nike: the great giant of the sport

One of the transatlantic ones of the sport clothes, with a great weight of the footwear in its activity, is Nike. Its mythical €˜Just do it€™ began to be used at the end of the 80 with a spot in which Walt, a man of 80 years, ran 17 miles every morning with his Nike sneakers. Possibly, one of the more mythical announcements of footwear in the history of the publicity.

The germ of influencers in Alicante

Although in the heat of 2019 are habitual that many companies bet by influencers in Alicante, when this concept still did not occupy the first flat one of the world of the publicity in the footwear, the historical Pikolinos already bet to promote through ambassadors and well-known faces. Nowadays, in addition to a powerful strategy of marketing and communication that its own equipment implements in the network day after day, it counts on the reinforcement of celebrities as M³nica Carrillo (in addition, ilicitana), influencer @deliciousmartha, Max Alberti or Mariana G³mez, in addition to other famous personalities in past seasons. In addition, the ilicitana signature account with a powerful system in the cloud with which it manages his attention to the client in all the countries in which it operates.

The rebellion of the small business

Everything is not multinational companies nor millionaire investments in the publicity in the footwear. On their scale, and with its resources, many companies take advantage of Internet to open themselves to the world. It is the case of, for example, the ilicitana company Team Shoes. A company that has been more than 15 years distributing worn to footwear of all Spain and that, now, bet by its digital facet, in which it adds more of a thousand of followers in social networks. Team Shoes promotes models of different brands that commercializes exclusively through its profiles, in which it interacts with users and it gives good sample of its catalogue, in which it counts, among others companies, with the distribution in Spain of the Italian brand Fly Flot.

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Branded content in the publicity in the footwear

Few companies have worked as much and so well the publicity in the footwear generally and branded content in particular in the last years in Spain as Callaghan Adaptaction. A footwear that, self-defined as €˜the shoe of the future€™, it has been announced through advertorials and mentions integrated in as illustrious programs as Flash Fashion, in Spanish Television, or More than One, with the voice of unmistakable Carlos Alsina as famous introduction of the product.

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