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prizes and communication SELMAIt is always a pleasure that our clients are awarded or recognized publicly. In addition to an authentic honor of which their work is valued, one is an exceptional occasion to communicate enterprise information of noticiable value that in addition an opportunity provides to the companions journalists of different means to publish excellent facts for a geographic zone or determined sectorial scope.

It is what it has happened recently with SELMA Millenary Olive Oil, the brand of gourmet oil oriented to the luxury market property of the businessman Joaqu­n Selma, and for whom is had collaborator as Italian M³nica Armani, ordered to realise €˜packaging€™ and design of all the corporative pixels for its commercialization.

Its extra virgin olive oil ecological €“ one of the varieties premium that commercialize has been outstanding by the Classroom of Olivo of Andalusia with the distinction Gold of the Prizes Mosque, which elevates it to being considered one of best oils of Spain and Portugal according to the jury.

Nothing else to have knowledge of the news, the machinery of ComunicAlicante started up immediately to compile all the available material and to serve it through its service of cabinet of press and relation with mass media to the journalists of its ample agenda and data base.

This it was the result:

€“, national newspaper with edition in the Valencian Community and the province of Alicante.

€“ Alicante Place, digital newspaper of provincial scope.

€“ CBNoticias, digital newspaper of the news of Alicante and the Costa Blanca.

€“ Daily INFORMATION, newspaper printed and digital of the province of Alicante.

€“ Alicante Press, digital newspaper of Alicante.

€“, national transmitter with local emission. Joaqu­n Selma was interviewed in direct in the Mornings of Alicante Close-woven part of a fishing net.

€“ Mediterranean Press, digital newspaper of the community.

In ComunicAlicante we felt like privileged people of which a company as SELMA Olive Oil, of national but international relevance not only (its bet by the quality and the differentiation has already opened the doors to him of markets gourmet and luxury as Germany, Switzerland, France and Russia) trusts us to manage its corporative communication and relations with mass media.

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