Photography for acts and events in Alicante: graphical journalism

The photography for acts and events in Alicante is a sector to the rise in the city

The photography for acts and events in Alicante is a sector that is multiplying its activity lately. Search photographers in Alicante, companies of photography of events or photocall has become a common practice during the preparation of a special day, so that the ones in charge of the organization can have hi-res images and quality to their later diffusion and its file in€¦

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El Pa­s and Amazon: an alliance to save the media in paper

El Pa­s and Amazon have an agreement that aspires to save the press, but by the way it is posing new doubts

El Pa­s and Amazon, two giant brands, no longer walk in parallel. The newspaper of the group Haste and the North American technological company signed during the past spring an agreement that admits many different interpretations: the users of Prioritize Now, the service of Amazon that realises shipments in two hours, will be able to enjoy the same also to buy and to receive the written press. But this alliance leaves in the air many questions: In€¦

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The death of Iv¡n Fandi±o and the limits of the media

The journalistic debate generated by the death of Iv¡n Fandi±o, in the blog of ComunicAlicante

The death of Iv¡n Fandi±o, bullfigther who underwent a fatal thrust the past week during a bullfight celebrated in France, has returned to put on the table the debate about the limits of the media. Not even the most experimented of the sector they are agreed. To show an explicit image that can hurt sensitivities: sensationalism or realism? right to the information of the reader or moral damage? The journalism faculties€¦

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Satirical newspapers and press serious: when to make rehashes it leaves expensive

The satirical newspapers have some of the followed and valued profiles more of the social networks. From old Greece to the Arcipreste de Hita, the satire has been developed as a sort in itself: compositions in which customs and conducts are criticized, with an funny and burlesque tone that looks for the divertimento of the public. Today, means as The Onion, El Mundo Today or the Viscalacant premises in€¦

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Instant Articles or the rebellion of the media before the Facebook giant

Instant Articles has happened to be the solution to the crisis of the media to a problem in hardly two years

It does around two years, when it finished the winter and it took the spring of 2015, an announcement seemed to throw something of light to the prevailing pesimism in the journalistic sector. Facebook, one of the Internet giants, sent Instant Articles: a platform that allows the users to accede to journalistic contents shared by mass media within its own walls. That is to say, a practically automatic access, without times of load,€¦

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Ten lessons for the media after the digitalization of New York Times

The digitalization of New York Times leaves valuable lessons applicable to other means.

The process of transformation of the journalistic sector in the last years is changing all the established rules until now. The social networks, the reduction of the credibility of the great public in means, the loss of protagonism of the format paper and the new digital narratives mark the pulse of the media already entered the 21st century. Many mass media continue becoming questions and looking for solutions for a problem that still€¦

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Fake news: the rebellion of the viral social networks against the false ones

Fake news has found an enemy in the Internet giants.

Fake news surrounds to us. The infinite capacity of diffusion of Internet has caused in more than an occasion than false histories with mask of truthful they reach the most unsuspected corners. As a snow ball, the social networks make get at all parts supposed information that sometimes are deceits: from requests of help by hypothetical diseases that derive in thymuses until hostile messages that they look for to discredit to€¦

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We will return: the testimony of those which the crisis pushed the foreigner

Noem­ L³pez Trujillo and Estefan­a S¡nchez-Vasconcellos are the authors of We will return

The economic crisis transformed to Spain. From a year to another one, the country happened of a bonanza that seemed not to have aim to present a devastating labor panorama for the citizenship: less opportunities, with worse conditions and the risk of dismissals and I close flying over any project in any professional sector. This recession created a wall against which many young people who finished their formative processes crashed when trying€¦

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Alicante CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET and its Yearbook 2016: celebration of the media and the publicity

Alicante CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET, presentation of its Yearbook 2016 in the MARQ

Alicante CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET presented its Yearbook 2016 yesterday. The facilities of the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARQ) served as scene for the celebration of which already it has become appointment forced for the media, the communication and the publicity in the province of Alicante. With an ample representation of the society of Alicante €“ politicians, businessmen and sportsmen, among others, the members of the equipment of the transmitter offered from stand one€¦

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The Alicante de Falco, the novel of Perez-Reverte

cover falco Perez to review to you

The most recent novel of Arturo P©rez-Reverte calls €œFalco€, name of its protagonist, spy to the orders of the incited to rebellion side to which it is entrusted to him to introduce itself in republican territory during the Civil War to lead a mission: to release to Jos© Antonio Primo de Rivera of the jail of Alicante, where is captive. A recommendable work in which, as usual, the academic writer and treats history€¦

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