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Books of journalistsThe reading is one of the most extended habits all over the world: learning, entertainment and expansion of our mind in a pleasant ideal practice to disconnect of the routine and to spend our free time. In ComunicAlicante, as lovers of the reading and the media, we confronted the spring with a good list of recommendations, that by professional deformation they take search books to us of journalists with whom, in addition, to deepen in questions of the present time in some cases.

He is very habitual that many pens give the jump of mass media to publishing houses, especially to extend formats of not-fiction and power to in time treat a complex subject and space. For that reason, some of these books of journalists are a good idea to go beyond which habitually they reach the news of the day to day. Here five recommendations.

We are not sheltered (Agus Morales)

After years of correspondent of Agency EFE in the south of Asia, Agus Morales has specialized, already as freelance reporter on the land, in the warlike and migratory phenomena that have given foot to one of the phenomena of the present time: the refugees. In this book, the journalist (who covered the death with Osama Bin Laden in first person) lives the exodus sheltered in first person, from the places of origin as Syria, Afghanistan or Sudan of the South to countries which they welcome massive fields of refugees, as Jordan. Testimonies, perspective and crudity.

Cabin and tangana (Enrique Ballester)

Always it improves relation between sport journalism and Literature has more in Enrique Ballester to one of its exponents underground. The columnist of the daily East, one of the authors of cult of the lovers of the most ironic and little mediatic soccer, compiles in this work some of its better pieces. Columns with wood that seem of soccer but speak of any other thing with the naturalness and fluidity of the best national contributors.

ISIS, the return of the jihad (Patrick Cockburn)

To understand the real reach and all the implications that the terrorist threat of jihad terrorism supposes goes beyond reading a few holders or inquiring on isolate events when they splash to the West. In this book, the one that outside correspondent of Financial Times in the Middle East, now writing for The Independent, shells the resurgence of groups as State Isl¡mico or Al-Qaeda, the causes and consequences of a domination that could suppose a danger for global stability.

White House is rented (Carlos de Vega)

Carlos de Vega, correspondent in the United States during years for different television networks, compiles in this book its experience in the North American capital: fundamental stories in recent contemporary history, small aspects unknown social and of life political of the American elites and a countless number of anecdotes, histories and adventures that they have in the White House, call to account official of the president of the United States, their starting point and scene.

The man who was there (George Plimpton)

Work compilation of one of the most versatile and prestigious reporters of the history of mass media. Journalism, test and Literature are diluted and intercrossed in a book with the best thing of an author acclaimed by illustrious as Norman Mailer or Ernest Hemingway. One of the most powerful voices of the North American media, capable to touch all the woods and with a domain of thematic as different as the sports (bode, american football or baseball, among others), the policy and the trips.

These books of journalists are only five examples between the interminable ocean, but without a doubt they are a good starting point to pass full moments of learning and entertainment during this spring.


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