Classic films on journalism

Classic films on journalismThe journalistic profession usually has behind himself a mystic difficult to equal. Novels, tests have been written, and until songs; films, short have been rolled, news articles and hundreds of thousand of histories and anecdotes have been counted through infinity of formats and supports. In ComunicAlicante our journalistic trajectory is a great baggage and assets in our work, but also an entertainment niche. For that reason, we propose this list of classic films on journalism with which to know a little more thoroughly the profession and his almost limitless reach.

All the men of the president (1976)

One of the sounded cases of political corruption more for all time, the Watergate, was also one of the main more popular historical landmarks in the faculties of journalism worldwide. Two journalists of Washington Post investigate a case on the Democratic Party of the United States that apparently does not have much juice, but the discoveries are followed one another and, which was going to practically happen unnoticed in the newspaper, it ends up splashing to the highest spheres of the North American policy.

First flat one (1974)

Directed by the historical Billy Wilder and carried out by charismatic Jack Lemmon. This film turns around history Earl Williams, a convict by the murder of a police that lives with the tense delay of if the court confirms his capital punishment or can be acquitted. Journalism, crime, mistrusts and an agile and powerful history to do more of this tape one of the classic films on journalism acclaimed of the sort.

Citizen Kane (1941)

One of the most illustrious titles of the history of the cinema. Citizen Kane not only is a film: it is the symbol of an era, a tape that revolutionized the cinema and that was acclaimed as eternal masterpiece. Citizen Kane counts the history of Charles Foster Kane, a propietary North American tycoon - among other many things of a newspaper chain and a network of transmitters. Its death is the starting point of enigmas and investigations in one of the praised films technically more for all time.

The fourth power (1952)

With this title, this work of mythical Humphrey Bogart makes clear its intentions. The head New York Day is on the verge of being sold, but its writing refuses to resign itself to an uncertain future and responds as they send the journalistic canons: publishing sensible information on the turbid businesses of an important head of the Mafia. One of the classic films on journalism that is worth the trouble to see time and time again.

These are only four suggestions, but the history of the cinema is full of films on journalism that count great histories. Histories that, altogether, form the drawing of the real importance of the media in the modern and democratic societies, as guarantor of the plurality and the information.

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