clickbait-outstandingThe change in the journalistic model that began to undergo the mediatic universe does already more than one decade follows boiling in the heat of. By the way, the written mass media have, by general norm, thinned until the debilitation their structures, treaty to adapt to some habits still to define and looked for nails burning to which to take hold itself after its survival in this new scene. And, to day of today, one of those great hopes has own name: clickbait.

The concept of clickbait, etymological, is not more than the English union in of the terms bait and click. Basically, a bait to obtain that the users make click in something. So simple and as complex as to be most showy than it is possible to obtain that puncture, that visit to the Web that can be translated in solid data that to present to advertisers in search of financial oxygen balls in the form of publicity online.

It is a basic problem and it forms. In order to obtain those clicks, the mass media let to a side the rigor, seriousness and, even, until the forms and to the own media. The holders have happened to be the central piece in which to condense the maximum possible information to not being more than a hook to force that the users visit whatever more pages within the Web, better.

Until not too much time ago, in Spain nobody had heard speak of clickbaits. During almost one decade (from January of 2004, first registries of Google in Spain), the finder of finders did not receive not one navigator of Internet asking itself what meant that concept. But, in just a short time, it happened to have some tips search (from the home of 2014) that gave the measurement of with what it forces the term had permeado the habits of work of means and the informative habits of consumption of the readers.

Searches of the term clickbait in Google Spain

It serves as something clickbait?

Many mass media live nowadays obstinate to the leaf of Excel in which they present his navigating seen pages and only. And, of a time to this part, those data have as main pillars the created news and cradles in clickbait. Made pieces of little or null informative value with the only aim of viralizar themselves and securing visits€¦ and that some means and the bankruptcy work as last barrier between. But that, beyond the economic plane, is not free.

Clickbaits supposes, in the medium and long term, a bet difficult to maintain. When means base to reach its objectives in giving one or two viral stirs to the day, instead of in a solid base of the quality news and reach, it is mortgaging his medium term survival in exchange for mining his own credibility facing the readers.

But, do the means make these news because the public requests them, or does the public consume them because he is what the means offer? Whatever answer, a fast look to the generalist means news more seen (as the attached screenshots of ABC and the Confidential one) show that rarely the first positions occupy them the news of hard sections, as policy or economy, but viral and slight pieces or, as in so many occasions it has been verified, thorny events.

To obtain a reader today thanks to clickbait can mean to lose it the week that comes. If the weak balance between the viral news that they secure to real clicks and news that they contribute value crumbles, if that balance that supports the economic survival of means is unbalanced more of the predicted thing, the readers will begin to go to other places to consume information.

Few readers want to sail by the Web of means whose the main news and contributions are based half on titular deceptive, approaches sensationalists and other meat of clickbait. At this time of fact-checking, viral and social networks as mass media, to elaborate the news with rigor and precision, analysis and approach, is almost revolutionary.

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