Work the new does media? Big wave of closing of heads

New journalism

During the last decade, the general state of the media has given foot to debates on the viability of the sector as business, the convenience of betting by new formats, the exigencies of the digital native public and the necessity of re-invention of supposedly anchylosed model printed. The new media, the new languages, the media of data, fact checkings, fake news€¦ A sea of concepts that has given foot to one€¦

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ComunicAlicante, in Logistical Fruit Berlin 2019

Logistical Fruit Berlin 2019

In ComunicAlicante we totally integrated in the organizational structure of our clients to be its cabinet of communication, realising public workings of dircom, relations, cabinet of press, press relations, marketing, strategy, publicity, average schedule, digital marketing or marketing of contents, among others many. As this week in Logistical Fruit Berlin, the more important world-wide encounter of the hortfrut­cola sector, where there are present companies located in Alicante that are reference not€¦

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Cognita and the British School of Valencia, in mass media

clipping british school valence

This week, in ComunicAlicante we received the order on the part of COGNITA to communicate the incorporation of the British School from Valencia to its network, referring international in the education. After the putting common of the official notice on the part of both equipment and the coordination to emphasize main the communicative axes, as well as the information contemplated in the same, from our agency we came to the emission of the press note€¦

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Data marketing: the future of the communication online it is in the analytical one

It dates Marketing

In 2019, each action that is realised, each small click and, even, the apparently analogical actions, have a trazabilidad. An impact. A measurable consequence in data. For that reason, the sensations or opinions, everything what one is based on subjective and arbitrary perceptions, it is to a side. It is the time of the data marketing: to measure, to analyze and to value what it works and no, what it gives more return us and€¦

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ComunicAlicante, in the specialized press

It interviews to Iv¡n J Mu±oz

Which is the work of a press cabinet? How it has changed this with the new technologies of the information? What advantages must have specialized professionals of the communication in the relations with the average ones for a company? It is a service for great companies or also for small projects? Some many questions are answered in the interview that the DIGITAL EXTRA magazine €“ specialized in the world of€¦

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Five tendencies in marketing and communication for 2019

Tendencies in marketing and communication for 2019

Christmas vacation already belongs to the past, and well into the month of January there is no more option than to work, to plan and to organize what must be a year of challenges, projects and successes. But, for it, it is necessary to always stay to the vanguard, to update themselves to the last exigencies and to know first hand the tendencies that come to be able to be around the new needs. By€¦

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ComunicAlicante in 2018: a full year of challenges and projects

Comunicalicante 2018

The end arrives from the year and, with him, the ideal moment to make balance of the course that finishes. For that reason, we want to throw the view back and to review the most outstanding landmarks for ComunicAlicante in 2018: clients and projects that have allowed to develop our work us, to learn new techniques and tools with which to improve our services and, mainly, to give the maximum one to secure to the results as much that who us€¦

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The nougat of more international Alicante is also mediatic

nougat antenna 3

There is no Christmas without nougat of Alicante in Spain. Because the one that is consumed in almost all parts usually is elaborated in the province of Alicante. Concretely in the locality of Xixona. The arrival from the typical candy to the linear stores and of the supermarkets marks the arrival of so indicated dates. Something that not only happens more early, but even gets to have permanent character due to€¦

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Audit Web: the starting point of your project of digital marketing

Audit Web

Independent of if a business it offers professional services, if its fort is the commerce in Internet or if she is a manufacturer of any type of material, when it thinks about opening itself to the world of digital marketing, the starting point must be the same. The webpage is the central pillar of any project of marketing online, but before putting it in the showcase it agrees to realise an analysis to know€¦

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Five keys of the corporative communication for SMEs

Corporative communication for SMEs

He is frequent to read and to listen that the comunicativas actions are a territory reserved for the great companies and corporations. The mass media lie down to pay more attention to what they realise companies of relevance and openwork, as is logical, but that does not mean that, touching the suitable keys and with an elaborated and executed good strategy, a company of smaller volume cannot sit down to eat in€¦

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