Children influencers: legal ethics, emptinesses and important factors of this universe

Children influencers

The market to influencer, and all the marketing based on that figure, for a long time I have been stopping being something new. No longer it is the future. Influencers has come to remain and or is a part of communications industry and marketing, a tool to which companies and advertisers can resort as whom a radio wedge sends, contract a page in a newspaper or does€¦

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Influencers de Alicante that prevails in the social networks

Influencers of Alicante are many that professionally gain the life in Internet and the social networks.

In a context in which the social networks already allow to live professionally on them, many are the people who spend their time and efforts to secure great numbers of followers to whom to make arrive its messages. Or through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, there is a good handful of influencers of Alicante given to the networks as his form of life. Although one of€¦

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Kidfluencers: thus it is the market of influencers minor


That the marketing of influencers is an unstoppable phenomenon is beyond all doubt. Users with great communities of followers in social networks exert as prescribers and ambassadors for brands and companies of all type, and many people even reach to only live (and very well) by the income that they generate with her publications in Internet. Now, in addition to already conocid­simos influencers, a niche in the networks arises: content€¦

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Five new features in marketing of influencers for 2018

New features in marketing of influencers

Influencers continues being the kings of the celebration in Internet. Every time they are more famous and every day that happens somebody to the list of the people is added who can allow themselves to live on the social networks. In a world as the one of the digital marketing, in which everything changes at a high speed and the tendencies and tools practically renew from one year to the next, he is vital to be€¦

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Marketing of microinfluencers: amount before quality?

to microinfluencer

The companies and brands that resort to people with great communities of followers in the social networks are living an exponential increase in the last years and months. The powerful accounts more and more are quoted, cach©s of influencers raises as the foam and the brands are not few that must resign to it. Against this background, the campaigns have turned towards a new type of communication: €¦

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Fashionable Instagramers of Alicante: the profiles that prevail more in the network

Instagramers fashionable of Alicante reunites to collaborating brands and companies in their profiles

Instagramers fashionable of Alicante breaks through in the social network of the moment with the province as camping bases. The platform, that is practically used in its totality from the mobile, is cradle of influencers of all type, but essentially with two thematic power stations: the fashion and lifestyle. It is, in addition, a mainly feminine field, reason why (with the exception of which already we published in our article€¦

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Marketing with influencers: ten orders so that your strategy works

Marketing with influencers does not serve as great thing if it is made lightly and without some fundamental slight knowledge.

The new habits of consumption also imply new forms to transmit messages. Nowadays, the priority of the mobile phone on any other format supposes the necessity to adapt any strategy to which it fits in a screen that takes in the pocket. And, indeed for that reason, every time marketing with influencers is more important: people who have secured relevance thanks to understanding better than other how€¦

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How much they gain youtubers, who are and to what are dedicated

When thinking about creation of digital contents always the same question arises: how much they gain youtubers, who are and to what are really dedicated.

The creation of digital contents goes much more there of the article writing for corporative blogs, the journalistic news or the classic wedges of radio. For around a lustrum, the video platform online par excellence, YouTube, agglutinates to some of the creators of content of most successful at world-wide level. What at first they were personal channels in which usuary initially anonymous his raised€¦

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Publicity in Internet: Instagramers, ambassadors of fashion brands

Instagramers already has arrived even at the covers of the magazines.

The publicity in Internet has changed the form to promote products. The tendencies in mass media promotion are clear: this year 2017 already is going to have more weight Internet than the television so that the companies present what they wish to sell. One of the concurred slopes more in the network is Instagram, a social network initially thought to share photographies that over the years€¦

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