To choose a communication agency

To choose a communication agencyFew companies have the sufficient muscle as integrating in their infrastructure a specific department that manages its communication, the relations with means or the campaigns of diffusion through social networks and action of digital marketing. Even, some that yes have specific personnel are seen in the attitude choose a communication agency that, with its services, complements the workings that are realised to harness the results.

It is important, at the time of choosing a communication agency, not letting themselves take by the impatience. To follow some appropriate criteria can help us to make the best possible decision, and to work with a specialized agency can maximize the comunicativas actions that undertakes a company to take to him, at mediatic level and of notoriety, at a new level. Here five things go to which, if you do not know by where home, you would have to pay attention.

Which are your objectives?

There are many agencies of communication, reason why it is important to align your objectives with the field of specialty of the company which you are going to trust. If you look for to appear in mass media, the ideal will be to decide on specialists in relations with means; if you want that they prescribe powerful profiles to you through a campaign of marketing with influencers, it looks for an agency that dominates that field; if you want to dominate the social networks or Internet, certainly you will find specialists in it. Each niche has its teachers. And, if you look for something integral, you always can find a communication agency 360º.

Which is your budget

The price is a fundamental factor in absolutely all the decisions of purchase that are taken. And, by all means, to choose a communication agency also has much to do with the cost of its services and the budgets that we have upon the table. More expensive not always it means better: sometimes, to decide on a prestige agency will imply to pay fee very high due to its structure, but for that reason the service will not be better. The important thing, as always, is the balance.

Personal syntony

Although the communication agencies move in B2B surroundings, of companies to companies, behind each webpage, of each logo or of each brand always, always, always there is a person. Before home to work with an agency also it is important to value the intangible ones: to know itself in person, to calibrate the confidence that gives off and to see if the speech is what we looked for will help us to make the suitable decision.

Corporative philosophy

Something as simple as a search in Internet and the social networks can help us to know the philosophy a company. The their €˜Who we are€™, corporative values and the philosophy with which they confront each project and to which they are related to his surroundings, clients and partners will be a good indicator if the relation he is sustainable medium term or no.


Although many small and incipient agencies of communication can also give a great service, to know the trajectory always is a guarantee. To know what clients are behind an agency can give a measurement us than it cooks within her: if they are clients who bet by their services during long time, or companies of certain relevance already have contracted to them to work elbow with elbow, it is that something has behind. The public opinion that are in Google and its social networks will be the definitive test of touch.

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