To prevail in Instagram

To prevail in InstagramIn the heat of year 2019, already nobody has doubts: Instagram is the pleases to sees. The fashionable social network, the cradle of influencers and the place of the enso±aciones of perfect lives. The young people born in the 21st century, those to which millenials they have left majors, apostatize of everything what leaves the screen of its mobiles, and in that context there is no possible discussion. To prevail in Instagram implies to put in the pocket to target to which other social networks give the back.

The paradigm of the professionalisation of the social networks arrived with Instagram. People who create content, share it in their profiles and congregate communities that count themselves by tens of thousands of people have brought, many of them without knowing it nor trying it, which nowadays is known as influencers.

In that niche, with million users hooked to which other so many must tell them, the broth of perfect culture occurs: the public already is there, is only necessary to be able to connect with him. So simple and so difficult for the companies that try to break through. Here some advice to prevail in Instagram:


Although your content is wonderful, you have some spectacular photos and a great criterion, don't mention it will serve if you do not fulfill the fundamental premise: the certainty. The profiles arrive more far than day to day they are putting small stones in his castle that those that tries to construct it with great blocks piled up of as much in as much. Every day that happens without we publish something not to have the perfect image is a missed opportunity. A basic advice: better fact than perfect.


It has before and after the Instagram Stories. This format that it invented - without arriving that is to say aprovecharlo- Snapchat has been the reason for the definitive boom of Instagram as platform of masses. It has multiplied the time that the users happen in the application, revolutionized the form in which Instagram is consumed and brought about a turn of 180 degrees in the way to understand this social network: the beauty of the ephemeral thing, the unconscious attention that is lent to what we know that is going to disappear, much more create a bond hard between content and consumer who the one that never secured a static photo.


It is almost one utopia, but that is not to try it. If we want to prevail in Instagram we must throw sauce to him to the prescription, search our niche and, mainly, to show a personality that does to us only. To have to the competition as reference is basic, but we dedicated ourselves to plagiarize everything what they do, what reason we are giving the users so that they choose to us? Inspiration, everything; copies, none. The originality commands.


Profiles with million users even try, as far as possible, to give feedback to their followers. It is impossible to reach to everything, but the IG users see with good eyes those accounts of reference that respond direct messages, publish Stories with format Questions and Answers and answer doubts that consider to them through the commentaries. It is impossible to live on the followers if we give the back them.

He diversifies

If something has demonstrated many influencers is a great enterprise vision of the social networks. Instagram is where everything is born and dies, but that does not mean that there is not anything was there. Webpages, stores online, brands of clothes, books, plans of nutrition€¦ Many people see in the networks a form not to live directly, but to secure new sources of income and to multiply their possibilities of business.

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