Tips journalistic for blogs

Tips journalistic for blogsThe marketing of contents is one of the most powerful tools of pick up that exist in digital ecosystem. To create and to disclose own content regarding our interesting activity and for our potential clients are fundamental if we want that Internet has a significant quota of our income. But, in 2019, everybody knows it. For this reason, the important thing is to be different itself, to offer something that makes us emphasize on the rest. And, in that, to apply certain tips journalistic for blogs can be very useful.

The work of a specialist in marketing of contents, in essence, is not very different from the one from a journalist: search information, to analyze it and to present it of the best possible form to that is to the other side. Although the supports and the essence differ, there are many points common that do that certain experience in the world of journalistic application or mass media, of tips for blogs, helps to improve that pick up and to cause that a blog shows the head over the rest.

In ComunicAlicante, as specialists in marketing of contents with ample experience in the mediatic panorama, we observed five masterful lines to follow for this aim.

It takes care of the forms

Neither a person in charge of contents nor a journalist is linguists. A post of a blog is not going to make to anybody deserve a seat in the Real Academia of the Language. But, if we did not take care of the forms, the readers - and, we do not forget it, potentials clients will leave fleeing. The care of the semantics, the lexicon and - on all the spelling they will not make us sell of direct form, but to make jugglings with the dictionary and to associate our brand to contents little taken care of yes will frighten to more than one. Before the doubt, it rereads.

You are not gray

A text can be very interesting, but everybody is not arranged to submerge in the deep ocean of paragraphs and scroll infinitely to find out it. We must try to be attractive and visual, which supposes one of tips journalistic for more important blogs. The magazines and newspapers are not mere full text folios, and the Web still gives more possibilities than the paper: we prove model-making styles, we include photos, we stand out in bold which we want to emphasize, we include connections of interest, contracted computer graphics, videos€¦ There is a countless number of resources that will help us that from the other side it is seen us with good eyes.


It verifies

Upon the time of fake news agrees to be careful and so it is shelp. No matter how much a blog does not try to notify, it is important that what we say is truthful. We must be documented, to go to trustworthy sources and to verify whenever what we are writing it is certain. To disinform to users, especially when we do it associating what we published to the brand of our company, is basically to stick a shot in the foot. Any user minimumly informed, or with desire to verify that what tenth is certain, could verify it and leave us in place very badly, even triggering a reputation crisis.

I know original

Google will penalize to you if what beams is a copy of which already is circulating around the network. But, mainly, the penalty will come on the part of the clients. There are not two equal companies, reason why to copy contents and to tie them to our activity can suppose that the readers lose many shades on whom we are, what we do and why it would be a good idea to trust us. To save some minutes it compensates to lose possible clients? The answer is evident: no.

It gives what they ask to you

At the time of analyzing tips journalistic for blogs it cannot be lost of view one of most basic: to know target and to give him what wants. It does not matter that we write in an economic newspaper, in a magazine of leisure, a digital portal of video-games or a professional blog: if we do not consider who is to the other side, we do not go to any site. To adapt to the objective public does not imply to lose our essence, but to be practitioners and to approach our effort the objective that we want to obtain of him.

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